PHYS.ORG Manon, 17, has a Facebook account but to connect with her friends she turns to other social networks like Instagram or Snapchat. 4 weeks
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More Screen Time For Teens May Fuel ADHD Symptoms
NPR A new study finds that teens who engage in frequent texting, social media use and other online activities daily are more likely to develop symptoms of ADHD. 3 days
More Screen Time For Teens Linked To ADHD Symptoms
NPR A new study finds that teens who engage in frequent texting, social media use and other online activities daily are more likely to develop symptoms of ADHD. 3 days
WATCH: Under new guidelines, an additional 800K teens in the U.S. have high blood pressure
ABC NEWS Dr. Jennifer Ashton tells you what you need to know about a new study that found 800,000 more... 1 week
LGBQ teens at higher risk of substance use than heterosexual peers, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL Lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning teens are at substantially higher risk of substance use than their heterosexual peers, according to a new... 7 days
Facebook faces U.K. fine over its privacy scandal
PHYS.ORG Facebook is facing its first financial penalty for allowing the data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica to forage through the personal data of millions of unknowing Facebook users. 1 week
Sex and gender diversity is growing across the US
PHYS.ORG Across the United States, more people of all ages are identifying as something other than male or female. 2 weeks
Parental controls do not stop teens from seeing pornography
SCIENCE DAILY New research has found that Internet filtering tools are ineffective and in most cases, were an insignificant factor in whether young people had seen explicit sexual content. 1 week
Novel approach studies whale shark ages the best way -- while they are swimming
SCIENCE DAILY A new study of whale sharks, using a novel approach to gathering data, shows these endangered animals can live longer... 2 days
Why is Facebook keen on robots? It's just the future of AI
PHYS.ORG Facebook is announcing several academic hires in artificial intelligence, including Carnegie Mellon researcher Jessica Hodgins, who's known for her work making animated figures move... 3 days
'The Pediatric Asthma Yardstick' offers guidance to treat children of all ages
NEWS MEDICAL Although about 10 percent of school-aged children in the United States have asthma, there are few comprehensive U.S. guidelines for treating pediatric asthma. 1 week
Intervention program that includes a personalized app could benefit teens with suicidal thoughts
NEWS MEDICAL A troubled teenager is hospitalized with suicidal thoughts. The patient is diagnosed, medicated, and counseled by a team of experts. 10 hours
Report: SEC probes Facebook privacy issues
PHYS.ORG A report says the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Facebook adequately warned its investors about privacy lapses involving the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. 1 week
Facebook in fresh controversy over Holocaust denial
PHYS.ORG Facebook found itself embroiled anew in controversy Thursday after chief executive Mark Zuckerberg argued the leading social network should not filter out posts denying the Holocaust. 21 hours
Facebook cracks down on bogus posts inciting violence
PHYS.ORG Facebook on Wednesday built on its campaign to prevent the platform from being used to spread dangerous misinformation, saying it will remove bogus posts likely to spark violence. 1 day
Britain to fine Facebook over data breach (Update)
PHYS.ORG Britain's data regulator said Wednesday it will fine Facebook half a million pounds for failing to protect user data, as part of its investigation into whether personal information was misused ahead of... 1 week
German court to rule on parents' access to dead daughter's Facebook
PHYS.ORG German judges will rule Thursday on Facebook users' "digital legacy", or the fate of their private data after they die, in a case pitting the Silicon... 1 week
Facebook faces Australia data breach compensation claim
PHYS.ORG Facebook could face a hefty compensation bill in Australia after a leading litigation funder lodged a complaint with the country's privacy regulator over users' personal data shared with a British political consultancy. 1 week
Study could help explain how synapses may be made weaker or stronger
NEWS MEDICAL To work at all, the nervous system needs its cells, or neurons, to connect and converse in a language of electrical impulses and chemical... 1 week
Medical News Today: Is it safe to give infants Benadryl?
MNT Allergic reactions are common in children and infants, but are anti-allergy medicines safe for all ages? Benadryl is not generally safe for use in infants under 2, though... 1 week
About half of parents use cell phones while driving with young children in the car
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found that in the previous three months, about half of parents talked on a cell... 1 week
Novel approach studies whale shark ages the best way—while they are swimming
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Already the world's largest shark species, male whale sharks can swim around the ocean for up to 130 years, according to a recently published... 2 days
App, brief intervention may be lifesaver for suicidal teens
SCIENCE DAILY A preliminary study shows an intervention program that includes a personalized app could make a difference: Researchers found the rate of attempted suicides by teenagers who received the intervention was... 21 hours
Longer hours on social media may increase teens' risk of cyberbullying
SCIENCE DAILY Cyberbullying may be linked to higher use of social network sites by school children aged 14-17 years, rather than to simply having a social network profile,... 2 weeks
Researchers identify factors associated with cell phone-related distracted driving in parents
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from a team of researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing found that in the previous... 1 week
Alcohol-related cirrhosis deaths skyrocket in young adults
SCIENCE DAILY Liver disease deaths jumped by 65 percent in the United States, from 1999-2016, disproportionately affecting adults ages 25-34. The increase in deaths among young adults was driven entirely by alcohol-related liver disease, according to... 2 days
Digital media use linked to behavioral problems in kids
SCIENCE DAILY Teens who spend lots of time using digital devices are prone to psychiatric problems, reports a team of scientists in a new study. Children who are heavy users of digital... 3 days
Study calls for new gold standard in research to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by scientists from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel calls for a new gold standard in research to treat non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, an obesity-linked... 2 days
New 'leadless' pacemakers less likely to cause complications, research finds
NEWS MEDICAL Pacemakers that don’t use wires to connect the device to the heart are successfully reducing the number of short-term and mid-term complications patients experience, a study in the... 1 week
Apple launches $300 mn 'green' fund for China suppliers
PHYS.ORG Apple said on Friday it has established a fund to invest nearly $300 million over the next four years to connect its Chinese suppliers to renewable energy as Beijing pushes... 1 week
Internet filtering tools are ineffective in stopping teens from seeing explicit sexual content
NEWS MEDICAL The struggle to shape the experiences young people have online is now part of modern parenthood. As children and teenagers spend increasing amounts of... 1 week
Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh makes landfall and NASA examines its trail of rainfall
In a ‘tour de force,’ researchers image an entire fly brain in minute detail
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Novel approach studies whale shark ages the best way—while they are swimming
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