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Why Roseanne's Revival Hasn't Shown Fans Jerry Connor Or Andy Harris
CINEMA BLEND While many of Roseanne's biggest characters are returning, two will be notably absent. 1 hour
Physicists contribute to dark matter detector success
PHYS.ORG In researchers' quest for evidence of dark matter, physicist Andrea Pocar of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his students have played an important role in designing and building a key part of the... 3 hours
amazon expands its techstars alexa accelerator to london starts search for second cohort Amazon expands its TechStars Alexa Accelerator to London, starts search for second cohort
TechCrunch  Amazon continues to tap into the developer community to expand... 4 hours
nasa foresees human lunar landings by the late 2020s NASA foresees human lunar landings by the late 2020s
SPACE NEWS NASA's vision for lunar exploration includes landing astronauts, from NASA and its partners, on the surface of the... 7 hours
Rediscovered Andy Warhol interview explores pop art and queerness
PHYS.ORG A new paper in the Oxford Art Journal examines the significance of a newly discovered recoding of Andy Warhol's famous 1963 interview with Gene Swenson, published in ARTnews under the... 10 hours
statustoday scores nearly 4m to grow its ai powered employee insights service StatusToday scores nearly $4M to grow its AI-powered ’employee insights’ service
TechCrunch  StatusToday, a London startup that is building out AI tech that it claims can... 12 hours
Toyota is building a miniature Japanese Nürburgring, sorta - Roadshow
CNET The Japanese automaker is investing heavily in a new test facility in its home prefecture in Japan. 18 hours
porsche is getting out of the diesel business before building more plug ins Porsche is getting out of the diesel business before building more plug-ins
THE VERGE Porsche hasn’t shied away from making a big push for electrification in its future lineup, even significantly boosting its investment in the full EVs... 18 hours
Marvel Comics Promises A “Fresh Start” With New Teaser
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   Marvel Entertainment has started promoting big changes coming this May to their comic line with the above... 20 hours
6d ai is building ar tech that crowdsources a 3d mesh of the world is building AR tech that crowdsources a 3D mesh of the world
TechCrunch  Just as the HBO show Silicon Valley skewered the industry’s... 21 hours
Scientists deliver high-resolution glimpse of enzyme structure
PHYS.ORG Using a state-of-the-art type of electron microscopy, an MIT-led team has discovered the structure of an enzyme that is crucial for maintaining an adequate supply of DNA building blocks in human cells. 22 hours
instagram direct one ups snapchat with replay privacy controls Instagram Direct one-ups Snapchat with replay privacy controls
TechCrunch  Messaging is the heart of Snapchat, so after cloning and augmenting Stories, Instagram is hoping to boost intimate usage of... 1 day
Study: Involving the public in water policies is key to successful municipal water systems
PHYS.ORG Informing residents about local water issues and involving them in local water policies are the keys to building healthy and... 1 day
2018 s nebula awards nominations where to read the nominees online 2018’s Nebula Awards nominations: where to read the nominees online
THE VERGE The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has released its nominees for the 2017... 1 day
Now there's a game you can play to 'vaccinate' yourself against fake news
PHYS.ORG The term "fake news" is everywhere these days. After gaining steam during the 2016 US election, it's become a catch-all phrase used... 1 day
snapchat now has giphy integration and will introduce a tabs function for stories Snapchat now has Giphy integration and will introduce a Tabs function for Stories
THE VERGE Snapchat has launched a new feature that allows you to... 1 day
snapchat adds gif stickers via giphy plus new friends and discover screen tabs Snapchat adds GIF stickers via Giphy, plus new Friends and Discover screen tabs
TechCrunch  Snapchat is bringing one of the best recent features of... 1 day
snapchat updating friends and discover pages with tabs for easier navigation introduces giphy support Snapchat Updating Friends and Discover Pages With 'Tabs' for Easier Navigation, Introduces GIPHY Support
MacRumors Over the past few weeks Snapchat has been... 1 day
snapchat update adds animated stickers with gifs from giphy new stories and discover tabs coming soon Snapchat update adds animated stickers with GIFs from GIPHY, new Stories and Discover tabs coming soon
9to5Mac Snapchat is launching a... 1 day
construction begins on jeff bezos 42 million 10 000 year clock Construction begins on Jeff Bezos’ $42 million 10,000-year clock
THE VERGE Installation has finally begun on Jeff Bezos’ 10,000-year clock, a project that the Amazon CEO has invested $42... 1 day
Now you see us: how casting an eerie glow on fish can help count and conserve them
PHYS.ORG VIDEO News stories about fish often focus either on large fish like sharks, or on... 1 day
spotify job listing hints the company s first physical products are coming Spotify job listing hints the company’s ‘first physical products’ are coming
TechCrunch  Spotify so far has been content to partner far and wide on hardware, via... 1 day
chariot co founder and ceo ali vahabzadeh left ford at the beginning of february Chariot co-founder and CEO Ali Vahabzadeh left Ford at the beginning of February
TechCrunch  As automakers continue to work on their strategies for the... 1 day
Scientists deliver high-resolution glimpse of enzyme structure
MIT New finding suggests differences in how humans and bacteria control production of DNA’s building blocks. 1 day
Ghost Caught On Tape In Peru Bank? What Is It?
DISCLOSE.TV In the building of Credit Bank BCP in Lima (Peru) a group of employees talked and filmed themselves on camera. Suddenly, behind the back of one of the... 1 day
Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended certifies devices for work, security needs
Pair of ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthed
Blade Shadow tried to slay my PC, but it wasn’t ready - CNET
From compost to composites: An eco-friendly way to improve rubber
New ‘Angry Birds Champions’ spin-off for iOS lets players battle for real cash
Geoffrey Rush & Armie Hammer in Official US Trailer for 'Final Portrait'
Official US Trailer for 'Ismael's Ghosts' Starring Cotillard & Gainsbourg
Dish separates out Sling TV subscribers for first time, reports 47% growth
Official Recordings On The Oregon UFO Incident Reveal Striking Details About The Otherworldly Craft
SHOCK STUDY: "Alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90"