TechCrunch Now Alexa’s voice apps don’t have to sound like Alexa. Amazon today is offering a way for developers to give their voice apps a unique character with the launch of eight free voices to use in skills, courtesy of the Amazon Polly service. The voices are only available in U.S. English, and include a mix […] 5 days
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how do the google assistant s new features compare to amazon alexa s How do the Google Assistant’s new features compare to Amazon Alexa’s?
THE VERGE Google announced a bunch of updates for its Assistant yesterday at I/O, including new... 2 weeks
Acer will be first to bring Amazon Alexa to Windows PCs on May 23
Windows Central Move over Cortana, here comes Amazon Alexa ... kind of. With the rise of virtual assistants and the friendly-rivalry between... 14 hours
How to use an Amazon Echo with Windows 10
Windows Central You don't need a smartphone phone to use the Amazon Echo. Windows 10 is also Alexa's friend! The Amazon Echo is not a smart home product that is reliant on... 6 days
amazon s alexa will be preloaded on acer s new laptops Amazon’s Alexa will be preloaded on Acer’s new laptops
THE VERGE Hopefully you’re a fan of Alexa because Acer is planning to roll out Amazon’s virtual assistant across its... 12 hours
Amazon Sumerian, a platform for building AR, VR and 3D apps, is now open to all
TechCrunch Last November, AWS announced a new product called Amazon Sumerian, a toolkit and platform for developers to... 6 days
Google adds six new voices and John Legend to Assistant
TechCrunch Not to be outdone by recent upgrades to Alexa and Siri, Google today announced that it’s adding not one, but six new voices to its Assistant offering. The... 2 weeks
hp made an all in one pc with alexa built in HP made an all-in-one PC with Alexa built in
THE VERGE Amazon’s Alexa has been showing up everywhere, so it only makes sense that the digital assistant would eventually... 1 week
Now you can buy a laptop with Alexa preinstalled
TechCrunch It was just matter of time, really. Amazon’s push to get its smart assistant on every piece of hardware imaginable now includes Windows 10 laptops, starting with Acer’s Spin 3... 13 hours
app store developers form a union ahead of wwdc calling for free app trials better rates App Store Developers Form a 'Union' Ahead of WWDC Calling for Free App Trials, Better Rates
MacRumors A group of App... 3 days
tivo now rolling out alexa support for its dvrs TiVo now rolling out Alexa support for its DVRs
THE VERGE TiVo is ready to launch integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Today the company announced that its series... 1 week
Amazon's Experience Centers unleash the power of Alexa in real homes
Windows Central "Alexa, do everything for me." "Ok!" The smart home is evolving. What was once the simple novelty of being able to turn off your lights with... 2 weeks
TiVo adds Alexa voice control to its DVRs
TechCrunch TiVo’s DVRs are getting Alexa support. The company is announcing its lineup of DVRs, including Series 4, 5, and 6 boxes, and the new TiVo BOLT VOX introduced last fall, will be... 1 week
ios developers want to push apple on free trial policy and app store revenue cut iOS developers want to push Apple on free trial policy and App Store revenue cut
THE VERGE Thirty-five iOS developers have formed a... 3 days
Hey Amazon, show us how you're protecting kids' privacy (The 3:59, Ep. 398) - CNET
CNET Also on the podcast, we talk about Amazon’s Alexa jumping on Android, and we give you a preview... 2 weeks
Amazon invests in Vesper's far-field microphone tech - CNET
CNET Amazon's Alexa Fund joined names like Baidu and Sands Capital in pouring $23 million into the makers of a new generation of always-listening microphones. 6 days
Amazon's new Marketplace Appstore connects sellers to software - CNET
CNET The app store is part of Amazon's broader push to work more closely with developers of seller tools. 6 hours
Google Assistant gets 6 new voices, including John Legend's - CNET
CNET Best yet, you can map different voices to different users. 2 weeks
You can now buy tires at Amazon and get them installed at Sears - Roadshow
CNET One more thing you can add (relatively) worry-free to your Amazon shopping cart. 2 weeks
spotify voice commands now work on the ue blast and megablast speakers Spotify voice commands now work on the UE Blast and Megablast speakers
THE VERGE Ultimate Ears has announced that voice control on Spotify and Spotify Connect is now available on its Blast and Megablast wireless speakers. The speakers,... 2 weeks
here are the six new voices coming to google assistant including john legend Here are the six new voices coming to Google Assistant, including John Legend
THE VERGE Google says six new voices are coming to the Google... 2 weeks
Here's what Congress wants to know about Amazon's Echo Dot for kids - CNET
CNET Alexa, what information are you keeping on my children? 1 week
8 surprising things Alexa can't yet do - CNET
CNET Alexa devices come with a laundry list of features. But there are plenty of things Alexa can't do yet, and some of the missing features might surprise you. 5 days
app creators form developers union to push free trials and better revenue split on app store App creators form ‘Developers Union’ to push free trials and better revenue split on App Store
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple’s mindset has been... 3 days
microsoft undercuts apple and google to offer windows 10 app developers more money Microsoft undercuts Apple and Google to offer Windows 10 app developers more money
THE VERGE Microsoft’s Windows Store has been struggling to attract developers for... 2 weeks
HP refreshes some Windows 10 PCs with better performance and Alexa
Windows Central You will soon be able to ask Alexa to do stuff on your HP PC. HP announced two refreshed premium lines of PC hardware. The company's... 1 week
google adds 6 new voices to google assistant partners with john legend for certain contexts Google adds 6 new voices to Google Assistant, partners with John Legend for ‘certain contexts’
9to5Google VIDEO Google is rolling out a ton... 2 weeks
AWS introduces 1-click Lambda functions app for IoT
TechCrunch When Amazon introduced AWS Lambda in 2015, the notion of serverless computing was relatively unknown. It enables developers to deliver software without having to manage a server to do it. Instead, Amazon... 1 week
How to get all of Google Assistant’s new voices right now - CNET
CNET Google Assistant is getting a new voice. In fact, it's getting six new voices. Here's how you can try them today. 2 weeks
Tivo boxes will soon let Alexa be your remote - CNET
CNET A placeholder app appeared over the weekend indicating the imminent arrival of Alexa compatibility. 1 week
report google home sales are catching up w alexa while apple homepod lags far behind Report: Google Home sales are catching up w/ Alexa while Apple HomePod lags (far) behind
9to5Google VIDEO Smart speakers are quickly becoming a... 4 days
Procreate Pocket receives major 2.0 update that’s built from the ground up
OnePlus appears to be re-branding ‘Dash Charge’ due to Amazon trademark
Microsoft is bringing the SharePoint work environment to virtual reality headsets
Today at Apple worldwide: The first year in review
Avengers: Infinity War Thor scene crackles in Lego form - CNET
iPhone: How to toggle tolls or highways in Apple Maps
Amazon reportedly in talks to save The Expanse - CNET
Bill Gates wants you to read these 5 books over the summer - CNET
OnePlus 6 Review Roundup: ‘Flagship Killer’ keeps up with ever-more-premium flagships
Google and Microsoft disclose new CPU flaw, and the fix can slow machines down