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HORIBA's Microsemi CRP analyzer improves quality of care in emergency pediatric units, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical announces that in a study recently undertaken and published as a case study by the Oxford... 6 minutes
Study: Lavender and Tea Tree Oils Contain Hormone-Disrupting Components
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences lends new evidence to a suspected link... 12 minutes
Team reports diamond ring architecture of a protein complex
PHYS.ORG NuA4/Tip60, a complex with diamond ring architecture, is required for regulatory and repairing processes. Prof. CAI Gang and Prof. Jacques Côté's team reports the 4.7 Å structure of the yeast... 18 minutes
Studying the visual recognition abilities of rodents
PHYS.ORG The visual process that allows humans to recognize the gender or emotional state of another person is very sophisticated. Until recently, only primates were believed able to perform such complex operations as object recognition.... 39 minutes
Glacier mass loss passes the point of no return, researchers report
PHYS.ORG Researchers from the Universities of Bremen and Innsbruck have shown in a recent study that the further melting of glaciers cannot be prevented in the current... 39 minutes
Scientists synthesize a new substance with antitumoral properties
PHYS.ORG Scientists from Far Eastern Federal University have developed a new synthetic derivative of fascaplysin—a biologically active substance with antitumoral properties obtained from sea sponges. Biological tests have shown that the compound is... 39 minutes
New study brings us one step closer to understanding how tidal clocks tick
PHYS.ORG Almost all organisms have an internal biological clock that synchronizes their behavior with the environment in which they live. Endogenous biological clocks... 1 hour
Scotland study aims to offer precise diagnoses for people with rare genetic diseases
NEWS MEDICAL People in Scotland with rare genetic diseases are set to benefit from a DNA study that seeks to improve their diagnoses and... 3 hours
New Gulf of Maine study investigates return of kelp
PHYS.ORG Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences has been awarded funding from Maine Sea Grant for a new study of kelp forests in the Gulf of Maine. Senior Research Scientist Douglas Rasher... 3 hours
Medical News Today: Essential oils may disrupt normal hormonal activity
MNT A new study has suggested that lavender oil and tea tree oil may interfere with normal hormonal activity, predisposing young boys to gynecomastia. 3 hours
Sweet science: Putting corn syrup to work on Earth's origins
PHYS.ORG How has the Earth evolved, and what's in store for the future? It's a sticky question that has graduate student Loes van Dam covered in corn syrup by... 4 hours
Self-driving vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian in Arizona (Update)
PHYS.ORG A self-driving Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in suburban Phoenix in the first death involving a fully autonomous test vehicle—a crash that could have far-reaching consequences for the... 4 hours
Robocall increases diabetic retinopathy screening rates among poor minorities
NEWS MEDICAL Automated reminder calls may be an effective tool to improve screening for diabetic eye disease among low-income minority patients, especially African Americans, a new study finds. The study results will... 6 hours
Poor dental health may be related to increased diabetes risk
NEWS MEDICAL Poor dental health may be linked with increased risk for diabetes, a new study suggests. The results will be presented in a poster Monday, March 19, at ENDO... 6 hours
Mother’s pre-pregnancy waist size may be linked to child's autism risk
NEWS MEDICAL A new study finds children born to mothers who had a larger waist size before pregnancy may be more likely to have autism than those whose... 6 hours
Sweet science: Putting corn syrup to work on Earth's origins
ABC NEWS Sweet science: Grad student uses a ton of corn syrup to study plate tectonics 7 hours
What does a scientist look like? Children are drawing women more than ever before
Science Magazine Study is based on 20,860 sketches drawn by children over 5 decades 7 hours
Flu risk less on flights if in a window seat finds study
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Airplanes are known to be medium for spreading airborne infections mainly because of the number of people including some with contagious infections such as... 8 hours
Pregnant women and new moms still hesitant to introduce peanut products
SCIENCE DAILY In January 2017 guidelines were released urging parents to begin early introduction of peanut-containing foods to reduce the risk of peanut allergy. A new study shows... 9 hours
Second hand marijuana smoke can cause serious damage
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have shown that even a minute dos second hand marijuana smoke exposure can be dangerous for the blood vessels and raise the risk of several diseases. The study titled “One Minute... 8 hours
New model, new drugs, and a 'remarkable' response in adrenal cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Two new studies use new models to identify genetic targets and test promising treatments in adrenal cancer. One patient was treated with the immunotherapy pembrolizumab and... 9 hours
Advanced insulin pump system can also manage type 1 diabetes in children, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL The MiniMed 670G insulin pump system (Medtronic, Northridge, California) can improve glycemic outcomes in children with type 1 diabetes as young as... 9 hours
What is the cost of interrupting a radiologist?
SCIENCE DAILY A first of its kind study shows typical interruptions experienced by on-call radiologists do not reduce diagnostic accuracy but do change what they look at and increase the amount of time spent... 9 hours
1 in 3 young adults ride with impaired drivers, according to new study
ABC NEWS The researchers want to encourage young adults to transfer what they’ve learned about not drinking and driving to not riding with a... 9 hours
Racial gap in heart health down due to declining health of white Americans: Study
ABC NEWS Heart disease is America’s No. 1 killer, according to the CDC. 9 hours
New standards for public involvement in research launched across the UK
Linea Sketch 2.0 adds Split View, Drag & Drop, plus loads of new illustrator features
Alex’s experiences of living with rare genetic disease
Flu risk less on flights if in a window seat finds study
How a small team at Unity made the stunning graphical showcase Book of the Dead
Should the police be able to request your location from Google? [Poll]
Comparison: How does the dbrand Grip hold up against RhinoShield’s CrashGuard bumper case?
Ryu Seung-ryong in Trailer for Korean Thriller 'Seven Years of Night'
US Trailer for Animated Comedy 'Son of Bigfoot' from nWave Pictures
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