CNET There's a huge swath of wasted space back there. Here's how to put it to good use. 5 days
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yes i know my hot dog phone case is thicc no it doesn t have a battery inside Yes, I know my hot dog phone case is thicc; no, it doesn’t have a battery inside
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CNET Google's first phone has a lot of stiff competition. Hopefully, its next devices measure up. 6 days
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch reportedly slated for August - CNET
CNET A new phone, complete with curved screen and two rear cameras reportedly has a launch even scheduled for August, according to Reuters. 3 days
Galaxy Note 8 launch date allegedly nailed down - CNET
CNET Samsung's next flagship phone is rumored to launch on August 26 in New York... but we seriously doubt that. 4 days
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CNET The iPhone 7 Plus has Portrait Mode, but so does the OnePlus 5. 12 hours
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