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Interface reconstruction with emerging charge ordering in hexagonal manganite
Science Magazine Multiferroic materials, which simultaneously have multiple orderings, hold promise for use in the next generation of memory devices. We report a novel self-assembled MnO double layer forming at the interface... 2 days
Want to help your child succeed in school? Add language to the math, reading mix
SCIENCE DAILY A new study finds that a child's language skills in kindergarten can predict his or her future proficiency... 2 days
UCLA develops new algorithm that accurately predicts which people will survive heart failure
NEWS MEDICAL A new algorithm developed by UCLA researchers more accurately predicts which people will survive heart failure, and for how long, whether or... 2 days
Want to help your child succeed in school? Add language to the math, reading mix
PHYS.ORG Research shows that the more skills children bring with them to kindergarten—in basic math, reading, even friendship and... 2 days
Individualized ovarian, brain cancer therapies
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered that a molecular communication pathway -- thought to be defective in cancer -- is a key player in determining the effectiveness of measles virus oncolytic cancer treatment in ovarian and aggressive brain cancers. This discovery... 4 days
Researchers are developing new algorithms to predict protein structure
NEWS MEDICAL With protein design dating back to the mid-1970s, today’s scientists have access to a huge amount of information and tools that they can use to create proteins – such abundant,... 4 days
using a magneto gravitational trap physicists measure neutrons with unprecedented precision Using a 'Magneto-Gravitational Trap,' Physicists Measure Neutrons with Unprecedented Precision
ASTRO WATCH A study led in part by physicists at the Indiana University Center for the Exploration of... 5 days
Algorithm is 'game-changer' for picking up on insurance fraud
PHYS.ORG A Queen's University Belfast student has developed software which can detect insurance fraud quickly. 5 days
Flight: Research examines wing shapes to reduce vortex and wake
SCIENCE DAILY Recent research demonstrated that, although most wing shapes used today create turbulent wake vortices, wing geometrics can be designed to reduce or eliminate wingtip vortices almost entirely. In... 6 days
Simple equation directs creation of clean-energy catalysts
PHYS.ORG New guidelines laid down by Nebraska and Chinese researchers could steer the design of less costly, more efficient catalysts geared toward revving up the production of hydrogen as a renewable fuel. 6 days
Phase behaviors of colloidal analogs of bent-core liquid crystals
Science Magazine Bent-core liquid crystal (LC) molecules are known to form mesophases with fascinating polar order and supramolecular chirality despite the achiral nature of the mesogens. The assembly of colloidal particles with... 1 week
What is a species? Bird expert develops a math formula to solve the problem
SCIENCE DAILY Whether co-habiting populations belong to the same species is only as tough as figuring out if they interbreed or produce... 1 week
What is a species? British bird expert develops a math formula to solve the problem
PHYS.ORG Nature is replete with examples of identifiable populations known from different continents, mountain ranges, islands or lowland regions.... 1 week
Changing students' attitudes to mathematics improves test scores
SCIENCE DAILY A new study finds a free 'massive, open, online course' (MOOC) led to students feeling more positive about math, more engaged during math class, and scoring significantly higher in mathematics assessments. This... 1 week
Counting perovskites
PHYS.ORG Marina Filip, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, and Feliciano Giustino, Professor of Materials, both in the Department of Materials, explain how elementary geometry and modern data analytics can be combined to predict the existence of thousands of new materials called 'perovskites', as... 1 week
Elucidation of vibration energy of a single molecule in an external force field
PHYS.ORG The vibration of a molecule on a surface contains critical information on the molecule-surface interaction, crucial for understanding surface phenomena and for... 1 week
Fundamental equations guide marine robots to optimal sampling sites
MIT New principled approach helps autonomous underwater vehicles explore the ocean in an intelligent, energy-efficient manner. 2 weeks
Scientists develop computer algorithm that reveals gene networks activated in cancer cell
NEWS MEDICAL Recent headlines have cast suspicion on social network analysis, which can mine data from the internet to target advertisements or potentially influence elections. 2 weeks
New movement monitoring system helping prevent falls in the elderly
SCIENCE DAILY RTLS sensor network and fractal mathematics are used to pinpoint Assisted Living Facility residents experiencing increased cognitive decline, helping prevent an impending fall. 2 weeks
New software, HyperTools, transforms complex data into visualizable shapes
SCIENCE DAILY Every dataset in the observable universe has a fundamental geometry or shape to it, but that structure can be highly complicated. To make it easier to visualize complicated datasets, a... 2 weeks
Earth's orbital changes have influenced climate, life forms for at least 215 million years
PHYS.ORG Scientists drilling deep into ancient rocks in the Arizona desert say they have documented a gradual shift in Earth's orbit... 2 weeks
Visual homing for micro aerial vehicles using scene familiarity
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered that a navigation algorithm is able to allow MAVs to find their way back to an earlier visited location fairly quickly and efficiently, allowing it to function... 2 weeks
Visual homing for micro aerial vehicles using scene familiarity
PHYS.ORG In a paper to be published in Unmanned Systems, a group of researchers have discovered that a navigation algorithm proposed by Baddeley et al. is able to allow MAVs to... 2 weeks
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