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Houston heart transplant hospital could lose Medicaid funds
ABC NEWS A Houston hospital that suspended its renowned heart transplant program for two weeks amid scrutiny following the deaths of two patients could lose federal Medicaid funding 24 hours
Alexa for hospitality, Fortnite makes $100M on mobile video - CNET
CNET This week's major tech headlines include Amazon's Alexa for hospitality debut, Fortnite's whopping revenue off three months on mobile and Microsoft ends speculation that the Xbox... 1 day
First NHS-funded internet addiction centre
Sky News A hospital in the UK is to be the first to set up an NHS-funded internet addiction centre. 2 days
Summer camp illness sends 33 kids, 3 adults to hospital
ABC NEWS Authorities say 33 children and three adults were taken to a two hospitals after falling ill during a summer camp in Florida 2 days
Harnessing Pediatric Cancer Genomic Data in the Cloud
NEWS MEDICAL Dr. Jinghui Zhang, an esteemed computational biologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital discusses her latest study and how technology such as cloud computing is changing the way that scientists carry out... 3 days
Penn Medicine team launches universal stroke awareness program
NEWS MEDICAL In an effort to improve stroke recognition and reduce life-threatening pre-hospital delays worldwide, an international team lead by researchers at Penn Medicine created a universal stroke awareness program, Stroke 112. 3 days
Rights group worried about immigrants dying in custody
ABC NEWS The death of a Vietnamese man under hospitalization after falling ill in custody in Arizona is bringing new attention to conditions for jailed immigrants as the Trump administration moves to detain more... 4 days
UK panel finds lives shortened by hospital's opioid use
ABC NEWS A British panel has found at least 450 had their lives shortened by a hospital's institutionalized regime of administering opioids without medical justification 4 days
Researchers develop a better method to compare gene expression in single cells
PHYS.ORG Efforts to capitalize on next-generation sequencing to compare gene expression in individual cells for clues about cancer's origins, progression or relapse just got a... 4 days
Legal fight winding down in hospital hepatitis C case
ABC NEWS A hospital has settled with a staffing agency but is still suing a registry organization over a traveling medical technician who infected dozens of patients in multiple states with hepatitis... 4 days
Dual-therapy approach can help boost motor recovery in stroke victims
NEWS MEDICAL Paralysis of an arm and/or leg is one of the most common effects of a stroke. But thanks to research carried out by scientists at the Defitech Foundation... 4 days
Alexa for hospitality, Amazon Hub launches video - CNET
CNET Today's major tech stories include Google's official podcast app, Alexa for Hospitality coming to a Marriott hotel near you and Amazon's launch of Hub, a locker delivery system that half... 4 days
UK panel finds 450 lives shortened by hospital's opioid use
ABC NEWS A British panel has found at least 450 had their lives shortened by a hospital's institutionalized regime of administering opioids without medical justification 4 days
New guidelines on self‐management of diabetes in hospital
NEWS MEDICAL It is important that patients with diabetes be involved in decisions concerning the management of their condition while they are hospitalized. New guidelines published in Diabetic Medicine are meant to improve the... 4 days
Study links annual haze with increased hospitalizations for respiratory problems
NEWS MEDICAL For more than a decade, Southeast Asia has faced annual haze due to a combination of human activity, natural fires, and climatic factors. A new study published in... 4 days
Scientists identify novel genes linked with infantile forms of schizophrenia
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital and McGill University have identified novel genes associated with a specific form of schizophrenia. 5 days
Keyhole may trump robotic surgery for mitral valve repair
SCIENCE DAILY Keyhole surgery for heart valve repair may trump robotic surgery, because it is associated with lower rates of subsequent heart flutter and blood transfusions, and a shorter hospital stay, reveals... 5 days
Alexa for Hospitality takes over your hotel room (The 3:59, Ep. 416) - CNET
CNET We discuss Amazon's new version of Alexa, IBM's debating computer and Super Smash Bros. 5 days
Researchers propose new strategy to combat micro-pollutants in water
NEWS MEDICAL Pharmaceutical residues from domestic dwellings, hospitals and agriculture are contaminating our water. 5 days
Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels
TechCrunch Alexa is coming to your hotel room. Amazon this morning is announcing a new program called Alexa for Hospitality, designed to bring its voice assistant technology to everything from chain hotels to vacation rentals.... 5 days
amazon made a special version of alexa for hotels with echo speakers in their rooms Amazon made a special version of Alexa for hotels with Echo speakers in their rooms
THE VERGE Amazon is today introducing Alexa for... 5 days
Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality handles checkout, pool time and more - CNET
CNET The tech giant's newest version of its popular voice assistant was made specifically for hoteliers. 5 days
Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality handles hotel checkout, pool time and more - CNET
CNET The tech giant's newest version of its popular voice assistant was made specifically for hotels. 5 days
Researchers understand the role of brain's ‘reward circuit’ in autism spectrum disorder
NEWS MEDICAL A pair of recent studies performed by researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania represents a significant step forward in... 5 days
Often overlooked glial cell is key to learning and memory
SCIENCE DAILY Glial cells surround neurons and provide support -- not unlike hospital staff and nurses supporting doctors to keep operations running smoothly. These often-overlooked cells, which include oligodendrocytes and... 6 days
Three experts from The Tinnitus Clinic contribute to major review on pulsatile tinnitus
NEWS MEDICAL Three specialists from the leading provider of tinnitus treatments in the UK have joined experts from Whipps Cross University Hospital to deliver... 6 days
New compound as effective as FDA-approved drugs against life-threatening infections
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified a new compound that in preliminary testing has shown itself to be as effective as antibiotics approved by the FDA to treat life-threatening infections while... 1 week
Minneapolis hospital seeks review of EMS sedation cases
ABC NEWS Hennepin Healthcare officials will ask an independent panel to review cases its medical responders sedating people with the powerful tranquilizer ketamine 1 week
In South Africa, plans for a refuge for pangolins in peril
PHYS.ORG Monitored by a conservationist, a young pangolin slurped ants with a long tongue near a veterinary hospital that became a temporary home after the animal was... 1 week
UK changes course, allows cannabis oil for epileptic boy
ABC NEWS A British boy whose mother says he needs cannabis oil to prevent severe epileptic seizures is being treated in a London hospital while British officials review the case 1 week
Epileptic boy at center of cannabis oil case in UK hospital
ABC NEWS A British boy whose mother says he needs cannabis oil to prevent severe epileptic seizures is being treated in a London hospital while British officials review... 1 week
Texas heart transplant program resumed after suspension
ABC NEWS A Houston hospital has resumed its renowned heart transplant program two weeks after suspending all medical procedures following the deaths of several patients this year 1 week
WATCH: Kellogg's recalls Honey Smacks after link to Salmonella outbreak
ABC NEWS The CDC said at least 24 people have been 24 hospitalized. 1 week
Early birds less likely to develop depression
NEWS MEDICAL Middle-to-older aged women who are naturally early to bed and early to rise are significantly less likely to develop depression, according to a new study by researchers at University of Colorado Boulder and the... 1 week
Study shows link between financial literacy and hospitalization risk in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL Could being more knowledgeable about finances help to keep you out of the hospital? Older adults with higher financial literacy are at lower risk... 1 week
New study shows how vitamin A effectively supports lung immunity against TB
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at Trinity College Dublin and St James's Hospital, Dublin, have discovered how vitamin A drives the lung immune system to deal with tuberculosis 1 week
Automated robotic device for faster blood testing
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have created an automated blood drawing and testing device that provides rapid results, potentially improving the workflow in hospitals and other health-related institutions to allow health care practitioners to spend more time treating... 1 week
nasa s opportunity rover is in a deep sleep on mars but there s hope it will wake up again NASA’s Opportunity rover is in a deep sleep on Mars — but there’s hope it will wake up again
THE VERGE ... 2 weeks
Nurses have been overlooked in antimicrobial stewardship programs, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Empowering nurses to participate in antimicrobial stewardship programs is the missing link in strengthening hospital-wide antimicrobial stewardship and improving patient care, according to a new study presented at... 2 weeks
Loneliness is Bad for Your Health, Claims New Study
SCI-NEWS.COM Loneliness is a strong predictor of premature death, worse mental health, and lower quality of life in patients... 2 weeks
Medicare takes aim at boomerang hospitalizations of nursing home patients
NEWS MEDICAL "Oh my God, we dropped her!" Sandra Snipes said she heard the nursing home aides yell as she fell to the floor. She landed on her right side... 2 weeks
SonoSite X-Porte point-of-care system offers significant benefits in critical care
NEWS MEDICAL Ultrasound technology is playing a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of critical care patients at Watford Hospital, part of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. 2 weeks
Critical access hospitals face problems in infection prevention and control practices, shows research
NEWS MEDICAL Critical access hospitals face significant challenges in their infection prevention and control practices, according to new research presented at the 45th Annual... 2 weeks
Studies show link between innovation and reduced surgery complications
NEWS MEDICAL Exciting data from the 26th European Society of Thoracic Surgeons meeting shows an association between innovation, and improved patient outcomes and lowered hospital costs 2 weeks
Video consultations boost survival rates of liver disease patients, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL For patients who live in rural areas, driving to see a specialist in a large city or at a university hospital can be challenging, if not... 2 weeks
Cureworks collaborative aims to accelerate development of immunotherapies for pediatric cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Seattle Children's, with participating members Children's National Health System, BC Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has launched CureWorks, an international collaborative of leading academic... 2 weeks
Researchers evaluate left ventricular systolic function after pulmonary valve replacement
NEWS MEDICAL In the current issue of Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (Volume3, Number 1, 2018, pp. pp. 21-30(10); DOI 10.15212/CVIA.2017.0050, Ali N. Zaidi and W. Aaron Kay from Columbus Ohio... 2 weeks
Reconciliation of diabetes medications associated with fewer subsequent hospitalizations
NEWS MEDICAL Clinicians may take upwards of 15 minutes to double-check a patient's medication list in an electronic health record system, but according to a new study, this reconciliation process may be... 2 weeks
Study evaluates wait times for urgent hip fracture surgery in Ontario
NEWS MEDICAL About two-thirds of patients admitted to hospital in Ontario for hip fracture did not receive surgery during the recommended time window of 24 hours, according to... 2 weeks
Sphero bought a crowdfunded music tech company to expand its unlicensed toys
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