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Medical News Today: Being nice, or being smart: What leads to success?
MNT Do nice people really finish last? If so, who is most likely to succeed? A new study claims to hold the answer to these... 2 hours
Medical News Today: What foods can I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?
MNT People are advised to eat soft or liquid foods after having a wisdom tooth removed. Learn about the best foods to eat after having... 2 hours
Medical News Today: Depression may raise risk of abnormal heart rate
MNT A new study has found that people with depression are at increased risk of atrial fibrillation. In fact, they are around 30 percent likelier to develop... 2 hours
Research provides better understanding of how some cancer cells resist treatment
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers led by Lucio Miele, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of Genetics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, and Justin... 7 hours
Obesity and severe obesity continue to rise among U.S. adults
NEWS MEDICAL Obesity and severe obesity continued to grow among adults in the United States between 2007-2008 and 2015-2016 but there were no significant overall changes among youth. 7 hours
Researchers explore ways to manage and prevent falls in older adults with dementia
NEWS MEDICAL Annually, about one-third of all American adults aged 65 or older experience a fall. Falls are a major cause of medical problems,... 7 hours
Missed hospital appointments increase after spring clock change in the UK
NEWS MEDICAL The number of missed hospital outpatient appointments increases following the clock change in the spring. 7 hours
New University of Bath project seeks to make injections safer
NEWS MEDICAL Due to the complicated nature of preparing injections, mistakes are made in around a third of doses. Although these are often minor errors, it is a statistic that... 8 hours
Leading experts to promote cardiovascular health at EuroPrevent 2018
NEWS MEDICAL The impact of nutrition and lifestyle on cardiovascular health will be key elements discussed by health professionals during EuroPrevent 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in April. EuroPrevent is the annual congress... 8 hours
Higher-dose RT does not improve survival but reduces recurrence risk for prostate cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Results of a recent NRG Oncology study, NRG Oncology/RTOG 0126, show that high-dose radiotherapy did not improve survival for men... 8 hours
Viagra for … Cancer Prevention? Mouse Study Has Surprising Results
LIVE SCIENCE The "little blue pill" could one day have a surprising use as a cancer prevention drug, early research in mice suggests. 9 hours
Study suggests method to boost growth of blood vessels and muscle
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have reversed age-related endurance loss in mice by treating them with a compound that promotes new blood vessel growth. Their study found the compound, which... 11 hours
First proof a synthesized antibiotic is capable of treating superbugs
SCIENCE DAILY A 'game changing' new antibiotic which is capable of killing superbugs has been successfully synthesized and used to treat an infection for the first time -- and could... 12 hours
Higher-dose RT lowers risk of recurrence but does not improve survival for men with prostate cancer
SCIENCE DAILY High-dose radiotherapy did not improve survival for men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer but did improve biochemical... 12 hours
Older adults who have slower walking speeds may have increased risk for dementia
SCIENCE DAILY Because there's currently no cure for dementia, it's important to know about risk factors that may lead to developing it. For example,... 12 hours
Lobbying pays off for small drugmaker in budget bill
ABC NEWS A provision tucked into the massive congressional budget bill will benefit a small pharmaceutical company in Washington state 12 hours
Viagra for … Cancer Prevention? Early Mouse Study Has Surprising Results
LIVE SCIENCE The "little blue pill" could one day have a surprising use as a cancer prevention drug, early research in mice suggests. 12 hours
Mexico approves conscientious objection for doctors
ABC NEWS Mexico sets conscientious objection for doctors; rights group says it threatens reproductive rights 13 hours
Duke’s mishandling of misconduct prompts new U.S. government grant oversight
Science Magazine The National Institutes of Health imposes unusual requirements on funding 14 hours
Trump, Congress approve largest U.S. research spending increase in a decade
Science Magazine The National Institutes of Health gets $3 billion increase, and other agencies get raises, too 14 hours
Researchers explore ways to help older adults taper off and stop using sedatives
NEWS MEDICAL Older adults, especially those who are admitted to hospitals, are at risk for potentially dangerous side effects if they are taking multiple... 15 hours
Using harmless red or infrared light to diagnose breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Optical Mammography, or OM, which uses harmless red or infrared light, has been developed for use in conjunction with X-rays for diagnosis or monitoring in cases demanding repeated... 15 hours
Foil-based measuring chip rapidly detects Legionella
NEWS MEDICAL In an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, finding the exact source as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further infections. To date, a standard analysis takes days. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have now... 15 hours
Team discovers a significant role for nitrate in the Arctic landscape
PHYS.ORG Nitrogen, an essential plant nutrient, is most readily absorbed by plants in its ammonium and nitrate forms. Because of the very low nitrate levels found in... 16 hours
WATCH: Could a pill help with peanut allergies?
ABC NEWS The most common food allergy affects 1 out of every 70 children and 1 of 160 adults. 16 hours
Mutations found in bassoon gene may help explain cause of rare brain disorder
NEWS MEDICAL Newly discovered gene mutations may help explain the cause of a disease that drastically impairs walking and thinking. 16 hours
Radiologist creates dramatic teaching tool using power of VR
NEWS MEDICAL Physicians, trainees and even laypeople can now stand right beside an expert radiologist as he performs one of the most difficult medical procedures of its kind - in virtual reality. 16 hours
Medical News Today: What to know about adenomyosis
MNT Adenomyosis is a condition where cells from the uterus lining grow into the uterus muscle. It is related to endometriosis and has similar symptoms, such as heavy, painful periods. Diagnosis involves ultrasound,... 17 hours
Medical News Today: Sex anxiety: How can you overcome it?
MNT Both men and women can experience anxiety related to sexual intercourse, which may affect their life quality. What are some ways to overcome these worries? 17 hours
Medical News Today: Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it
MNT Moving from a self-criticizing inner voice — the hallmark of perfectionism — to a more compassionate one can be challenging. Here's our guide to... 17 hours
Medical News Today: Cancer: How a novel gel could halt its return
MNT Researchers have developed a drug-infused hydrogel that has the potential to stop cancer recurrence and metastasis after the surgical removal of a tumor. 17 hours
The dream among ‘dreamers’ to become a doctor now ‘at the mercy’ of courts
NEWS MEDICAL Among the young people known as "Dreamers," Ever Arias belongs to a select group. Of the roughly 700,000 unauthorized immigrants... 17 hours
Diagnosing breast cancer using red light
SCIENCE DAILY Optical Mammography, which uses harmless red or infrared light, has been developed for use in conjunction with X-rays for diagnosis or monitoring in cases demanding repeated imaging where high amounts of ionizing radiation should be avoided. 18 hours
Mutations of the bassoon gene causing new brain disorder
SCIENCE DAILY Newly discovered gene mutations may help explain the cause of a disease that drastically impairs walking and thinking. 18 hours
Dental oral craniofacial tissue regeneration consortia
SCIENCE DAILY The ability to robustly and predictably regenerate dental, oral and craniofacial (DOC) tissues through tissue engineering and/or regenerative medicine strategies is a major goal for clinicians. While many technologies have shown proof of principle in small... 18 hours
How a genetic mutation can interfere with the powerhouses of cells
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified the molecular consequences of a previously undefined genetic mutation. This mutation interferes with the functioning of the mitochondria, known as the powerhouses of... 18 hours
Researchers identify potential obesity treatment in freezing hunger-signaling nerve
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers developed this treatment for patients with mild-to-moderate obesity to reduce the attrition that is common with weight-loss efforts. 18 hours
Diagnosing breast cancer using red light
PHYS.ORG Optical Mammography, or OM, which uses harmless red or infrared light, has been developed for use in conjunction with X-rays for diagnosis or monitoring in cases demanding repeated imaging where high amounts of ionizing radiation should... 18 hours
Non-psychoactive cannabis ingredient could help addicts stay clean
SCIENCE DAILY A preclinical study in rats has shown that there might be value in using a non-psychoactive and non-addictive ingredient of the Cannabis sativa plant to reduce the risk of relapse among recovering... 18 hours
New Genetic Cause of Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy Discovered
SCI-NEWS.COM A new genetic cause of an autosomal-dominant corneal endothelial dystrophy has been discovered in a study led by... 19 hours
Medical News Today: Midlife tooth loss may compromise heart health
MNT Midlife tooth loss is tied to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, independently of traditional risk factors such as high blood pressure, a study finds. 19 hours
Microorganisms can escape from a dead end by swimming
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have shown that microorganisms can ingeniously escape from a dead end by swimming. The results pave the way to understanding the spread of infectious diseases. 19 hours
Metastatic cancer cells modify bone remodeling with small RNA secretion in bone metastasis
SCIENCE DAILY Prostate cancer frequently metastasizes and spreads to bone, causing severe pain, fractures, and other complications. The mechanisms that allow cancer cells to... 19 hours
Breakthrough antimalarial drug delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles
SCIENCE DAILY Drug delivery systems (DDSs) are important methods of delivering medicine to affected areas. An international collaborative research group has successfully developed the world's first DDS for antimalarial drugs. The treatment... 19 hours
Growing and surviving: How proteins regulate the cell cycle
SCIENCE DAILY Cell division is the basis of all life. Even the smallest errors in this complex process can lead to grave diseases like cancer. Certain proteins have to be switched on... 19 hours
New study elucidates link between PCOS and anxiety
SCIENCE DAILY Maternal obesity and androgen excess induce sex-specific anxiety in the offspring, according to a study on mice. The findings may help explain why children born to mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)... 19 hours
Medical News Today: What to know about endometritis
MNT Endometritis is an inflammation of the uterus lining, also called the endometrium. An infection from childbirth, surgery, or an STI, such as chlamydia, are among the causes. This condition is different from... 19 hours
Breast cancer: New mechanism discovered for dissemination of metastatic tumor cells
SCIENCE DAILY Malignant tumor cells from a primary tumor have to pass into the bloodstream in order to form metastases in other organs. It is accepted in medical... 19 hours
More than 2,500 cancer cases a week could be avoided
SCIENCE DAILY More than 135,500 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented through lifestyle changes, according to new figures. 19 hours
Why the world needs the humble glass sponge
PHYS.ORG Recent research from the University of Alberta reveals how fishing practices like trawling may be affecting the health of sponges that act like natural water filters. 20 hours
A new laser source for infrared chemical imaging: a promising tool for early cancer diagnostic
PHYS.ORG Sébastien Février, researcher at XLIM (CNRS/Université de Limoges), and his team demonstrated that a bench-top, optical fibre-based laser... 20 hours
How economists tracked a disease in Flint's water crisis
PHYS.ORG At first glance, it seems like an unlikely pairing: How could economists conceivably help decipher what caused the public health crisis in Flint, Michigan, in 2014-15? 20 hours
In a severe childhood neurodegeneration, novel mechanism found
SCIENCE DAILY Neurology researchers investigating a rare but devastating neurological regression in infants have discovered the cause: gene mutations that severely disrupt crucial functions in mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells. The specific disease... 20 hours
Microscopy trifecta examines how cells engulf nutrients, viruses
PHYS.ORG Scientists have a better understanding of a mechanism that allows cells to internalize beneficial nutrients and not-so-beneficial viruses, thanks to collaboration among researchers from two South Dakota universities and the National Institutes... 21 hours
Research examines whether media can promote parent/child conversation about difficult topics
PHYS.ORG A new study of more than 5,000 teens, young adults and parents in four regions of the world found that watching the series 13 Reasons Why... 21 hours
Study tracks protein's role in stem cell function
PHYS.ORG MCL-1 is a member of the BCL-2 family of proteins important for blocking apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Many types of cancer cells escape the body's effort to kill them by overexpressing... 21 hours
Expanding rings vital for viable embryos
PHYS.ORG Scientists have discovered a process during mammalian embryonic development that is critical for early embryos to develop into healthy blastocysts. 21 hours
Researchers test new solutions to carcass disposal during food-animal disease outbreaks
PHYS.ORG Iowa State University researchers have completed testing of a key component of a new concept for disposing of animal carcasses following a disease outbreak. The research... 21 hours
Hidden medical text read for the first time in a thousand years
PHYS.ORG An influential physician and a philosopher of early Western medicine, Galen of Pergamon was the doctor of emperors and gladiators. One of his many... 21 hours
Updated: Congress approves largest U.S. research spending increase in a decade
Science Magazine The National Institutes of Health gets $3 billion increase, and other agencies get raises, too 21 hours
WATCH: Could freezing the 'hunger nerve' be the secret to weight loss?
ABC NEWS Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down two new studies on weight loss, one that looked at a surgery to freeze the so-called hunger nerve in... 21 hours
Depression may be linked to increased risk of atrial fibrillation
NEWS MEDICAL A study has shown that depression may be a risk factor for atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder that can cause clot formation and stroke. 22 hours
Portable and wearable technology supports future of military medical devices
NEWS MEDICAL In the 15th century, soldiers injured in battle were left on the battlefield for two to three days until their condition either stabilized or they died. Since the... 23 hours
Medical News Today: Epithelial cells in urine: What does it mean?
MNT This article explains how and why urine tested for epithelial cells, what the results mean, and which conditions cause an increase in epithelial cells. 23 hours
Medical News Today: Patellar tendonitis (jumper's knee): Treatment and recovery
MNT Patellar tendonitis involves small tears in the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin. Learn more about this injury common in athletes who jump. 23 hours
Antimicrobial used in toiletries could become option against malaria
PHYS.ORG A study conducted at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil shows that triclosan, an antimicrobial compound used in soap, toothpaste, deodorant and many other products, can inhibit target genes... 23 hours
Microarray rapid test speeds up detection during a Legionella pneumophila outbreak
PHYS.ORG In an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, finding the exact source as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further infections. To date, a standard analysis takes... 23 hours
Pecan-Rich Diet Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes
SCI-NEWS.COM Eating just 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams) of pecans every day may protect adults at risk for... 23 hours
Native-state microscope could make disease diagnoses timelier and surgeries more effective
NEWS MEDICAL In the not-so-distant future, surgeons could ensure the complete removal of malignant tumors, and pathologists could analyze tissue more efficiently, by using a device invented at... 1 day
Medical News Today: This tooth-mounted sensor helps you watch what you eat
MNT A tiny sensor that can be attached to your teeth may soon be able to track exactly what you are eating and when you... 1 day
Medical News Today: Chronic fatigue syndrome: Does the thyroid play a role?
MNT Chronic fatigue syndrome remains a puzzling condition with unknown causes. A recent study now asks whether or not thyroid hormones could be at its... 1 day
Medical News Today: What causes high testosterone in women?
MNT Women usually produce very little testosterone. Learn about conditions that cause high testosterone in women, as well as about symptoms and treatment. 1 day
Researchers uncover cause of rare childhood neurodegenerative disease
NEWS MEDICAL Neurology researchers investigating a rare but devastating neurological regression in infants have discovered the cause: gene mutations that severely disrupt crucial functions in mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells. 1 day
New test for urothelial cancers offers less invasive, more accurate detection
NEWS MEDICAL A new test for urothelial cancers could detect mutations in DNA that have been identified for those cancers earlier than traditional tests. The earlier detection of... 1 day
Restoring enzyme may help reverse effects of vascular aging, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL As people age, their blood-vessel density and blood flow decrease, which is why it's harder to maintain muscle mass after 40 and endurance in the later... 1 day
Mice getting a new lease of life with anti-aging pills
NEWS MEDICAL According to a new study from the researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of New South Wales, the actually cellular processes that cause aging of the... 1 day
Grilled meat could be raising the risk of hypertension finds study
NEWS MEDICAL Studies have shown that grilled meat including beef, poultry, fish etc. is usually cooked at high temperatures. This charring can produce cancer causing chemicals. In a... 1 day
Back pain being mismanaged globally
NEWS MEDICAL According to a panel of international health experts, back pain is being grossly mismanaged globally. This could be both by ineffective treatments as well as treatment with harmful methods. 1 day
Medical students get less formal education in radiation oncology, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Medical school students receive little formal instruction in radiation oncology, a Loyola study has found. 1 day
Bariatric surgery linked to positive outcomes in very obese adolescents with type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL While it's not news that weight loss and medication control type 2 diabetes, a secondary analysis found that bariatric surgery... 1 day
New study identifies key cellular mechanisms behind vascular aging in mice
NEWS MEDICAL We are as old as our arteries, the adage goes, so could reversing the aging of blood vessels hold the key to restoring youthful vitality? The... 1 day
Afghan army faulted for sloppiness with blood-type testing
ABC NEWS US watchdog says sloppy blood collection and identification by Afghanistan's army may have led to the death of injured soldiers treated with the wrong blood type 1 day
Maternal obesity and androgen excess induce sex-specific anxiety in offspring, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL Maternal obesity and androgen excess induce sex-specific anxiety in the offspring, according to a study on mice by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden... 1 day
Patients who self-discharge should be viewed more positively, say researchers
NEWS MEDICAL Patients who discharge themselves from hospital should be viewed more positively say researchers, who discovered sympathy for their decision among hospital staff. 1 day
Novel vaccine technologies can help better prepare for future infectious disease threats
NEWS MEDICAL Novel vaccine technologies are critical to improving the public health response to infectious disease threats that continually emerge and re-emerge, according to scientists at... 1 day
New computational method helps to identify tumor cell mutations with greater accuracy
NEWS MEDICAL A new computational method developed by researchers at the New York Genome Center allows scientists to identify rare gene mutations in cancer cells with... 1 day
New findings could have revolutionary impact on quality of life of older people
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from UNSW and Harvard Medical School have discovered that replacing two naturally occurring molecules in the body could reverse symptoms of... 1 day
Researchers make key discovery about cellular pathway linked to myriad of diseases
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from the University of Dundee and the Francis Crick Institute have made a significant discovery about a cellular pathway associated with developmental defects... 1 day
Researchers find investigational compound to treat triple negative breast cancer after brain metastasis
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Houston Methodist used computer modeling to find an existing investigational drug compound for leukemia patients to treat triple negative breast... 1 day
Specific immune cells may help slow progression of ALS, research shows
NEWS MEDICAL New research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - also known as motor neuron disease - shows that specific immune cells may help slow progression of the... 1 day
Reproductive System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
LIVE SCIENCE This may be the most important system in the body. Without the ability to reproduce, a species dies. 1 day
The Viagra Effect: Has It Really Given Sex a Lift?
HISTORY Twenty years ago, the 'little blue pill' brought new vigor to the bedroom, earned billions for big pharma and inserted sex into the cultural conversation. But has it... 1 day
Your Grilled Burger May Come with a Side of High Blood Pressure
LIVE SCIENCE Regularly eating meats that are sizzled on the grill may increase the risk of high blood pressure, a new study suggests. 1 day
Family awarded $47 million in newborn's disfigurement case
ABC NEWS The parents of a girl who suffered permanent scarring as a newborn at a Pennsylvania hospital have been awarded $47 million, which their attorneys say is the biggest payout ever in a... 1 day
New ALS gene points to common role of cytoskeleton in disease
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified KIF5A as a new gene associated with the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The discovery further implicates the role of cytoskeletal defects... 1 day
Gene-based test for urine detects, monitors bladder cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a test for urine, gathered during a routine procedure, to detect DNA mutations identified with urothelial cancers. 1 day
Pap test fluids used in gene-based screening test for two gyn cancers
SCIENCE DAILY Cervical fluid samples gathered during routine Papanicolaou (Pap) tests are the basis of a new screening test for endometrial and ovarian cancers. 1 day
Obesity surgery linked to positive outcomes in very obese teens with diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY This study is the first to compare glycemic control in two groups of very obese adolescents with type 2 diabetes. 1 day
Epidural stimulation shown to normalize blood pressure following spinal cord injury
SCIENCE DAILY Working with human research participants, researchers have found that spinal cord epidural stimulation can safely and effectively elevate blood pressure in individuals with SCI along with... 1 day
WATCH: Health benefits of exercise in short burst or longer bouts similar, new study finds
ABC NEWS Researchers found there was no difference in the health benefit between "sporadic" or "continuous" exercise, as long as... 2 days
Synthetic carbohydrate wards off pneumococcal infections
Why An Imperfect HIV Vaccine Could Be Better Than None At All
Alex’s experiences of living with rare genetic disease
Flu risk less on flights if in a window seat finds study
Researchers measure gene activity in single cells
Healthcare Apps: Closing the Gap Between Doctors and Diabetes Patients