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UK Parliament gets hit by hackers - CNET
CNET Some members' remote email access is cut off as part of efforts to secure the computer network against a cyberattack. 5 hours
UK Parliament hit by hackers - CNET
CNET Some members' remote email access is cut off as part of efforts to secure the computer network against a cyberattack. 7 hours
the british parliament has been hit by a cyberattack The British Parliament has been hit by a cyberattack
THE VERGE The British Parliament has been hit by a “sustained and determined” cyberattack attack, according to The Telegraph, which... 8 hours
UK Parliament investigates cyberattack on user accounts
ABC NEWS British officials are investigating a cyberattack on the country's Parliament after discovering "unauthorized attempts to access parliamentary user accounts." 9 hours
Britain's Parliament says it is investigating a cyberattack on users' accounts
ABC NEWS Britain's Parliament says it is investigating a cyberattack on users' accounts 10 hours
Parliament targeted in 'sustained' cyberattack
Sky News Parliament has been hit by a cyberattack, days after an online group claimed it had hacked ministers' email accounts. 10 hours
Report shows hacking Windows 10 S isn't easy, but it is possible
Windows Central Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, Windows 10 S, is billed as a much more secure version of the operating system — largely owing... 1 day
Router hack risk not limited to Virgin Media
BBC A weakness in some Virgin Media routers also affects routers by other providers, experts warn. 1 day
How safe is your internet router?
BBC Virgin Media is warning its customers to change the password on their internet routers. A Which? investigation found its Super Hub 2 router is vulnerable to hackers. 1 day
Russian hackers are selling British officials' passwords - CNET
CNET The massive trading market among Russian hackers included senior British politicians, police and diplomats. 1 day
Microsoft ransomware-protected Windows 10 S gets hack-tested - CNET
CNET We asked a leading security researcher to test Microsoft's claim that "no known ransomware" installs on its newest, locked down version of Windows 10. 2 days
Virgin Media urges password change over hacking risk
BBC The company tells 800,000 customers with Super Hub 2 routers to change their passwords immediately. 2 days
7 tips to keep your Windows PC protected against malware
Windows Central Here are the best tips every Windows user should know to protect their computers and data against malware attacks. The internet has already become part of our daily... 2 days
Grab this IT Security Specialist Super Bundle for just $59!
Windows Central More businesses are moving online each day, and with them comes the need for increased IT security. There are plenty of high-profile hacks already in the books, and... 2 days
Two Britons arrested over Microsoft hack
BBC It is believed the men from Sleaford and Bracknell were part of a larger group. 3 days
Russian hackers targeted 21 states in election
Sky News Russian hackers targeted election-related systems in 21 states during the 2016 presidential election, a US official has confirmed. 3 days
US official: Russia 'hacked' 21 US states in election
BBC A US official confirms nearly two dozen states were targeted in the US election hack. 3 days
intel looks to israel for the next big thing in cybersecurity Intel looks to Israel for the next big thing in cybersecurity
CBC The chipmaker is partnering with Israeli incubator Team8, which creates new cybersecurity companies designed... 3 days
intel steps up security efforts in israel with team8 illusive and a new cyber center Intel steps up security efforts in Israel with Team8, Illusive and a new cyber center
TechCrunch  Israel is one of the world’s... 3 days
This software wants to protect millions of cars from hackers - Roadshow
CNET A cyberdefense system that protects phones, printers and routers could soon help keep cars safe. 3 days
Hackers claim responsibility for Skype outage
BBC Hacking group CyberTeam says it was behind the Skype connectivity problems over the past two days. 4 days
UK hacker exploits online bank loophole to steal £100,000
BBC James Ejankowski bought two cars using money stolen from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group. 4 days
how when and where can canada s digital spies hack government makes some suggestions in cse act How, when, and where can Canada's digital spies hack? Government makes some suggestions in CSE Act
CBC The Canadian government is... 4 days
Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected
ABC NEWS One landscaper in Phoenix doesn't mind scaling a tall palm tree to hack away its branches because he occasionally catches a cool breeze as a nasty... 4 days
South Korean web host pays largest ransomware demand ever - CNET
CNET WannaCry only demanded $300 from each victim. These hackers extorted $1 million from one South Korean company. 4 days
South Korean firm's 'record' ransom payment
BBC Nayana negotiated with hackers who had initially asked for $4.4m to unlock malware-frozen machines. 5 days
Mexico 'spied on journalists, lawyers and activists'
BBC Nine people say the government hacked their phones using software designed to catch terrorists. 5 days
Apple's Cook, Amazon's Bezos converge on White House - CNET
CNET Tech summit hosted by the White House Office of American Innovation will discuss cybersecurity and government IT needs. 5 days
White House convenes Cook, Bezos and others for talks on tech - CNET
CNET The work sessions will discuss cybersecurity and government IT needs. 5 days
EU considers sanctions to respond to cyberattacks
ABC NEWS European Union foreign ministers have agreed to prepare a joint response to cyberattacks in the 28-nation bloc, including imposing sanctions on offenders 6 days
hack proof quantum internet networks closer to reality studies say 'Hack-proof' quantum internet networks closer to reality, studies say
CBC The pursuit of a quantum internet that's impervious to hacking is a little closer to reality thanks to... 7 days
how to set up two factor authentication on all your online accounts How to set up two-factor authentication on all your online accounts
THE VERGE Just about any account you own on the internet is prone to being hacked... 1 week
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