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UN: More than 200,000 suspected cholera cases in Yemen
ABC NEWS THE UN's health agency and their children's fund say the number of suspected cases in a Cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen now exceeds 200,000, many of them children 1 day
Ex-official convicted of defrauding mental health clinic
ABC NEWS A member of a politically connected Philadelphia family has been convicted of defrauding a nonprofit mental health clinic out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for her personal benefit 2 days
Bid for environmental rights pact to kick off in Paris
PHYS.ORG Politicians, legal experts and activists will launch a campaign in Paris on Saturday for a global pact to protect the human right to a clean, healthy environment. 2 days
Researchers develop mathematical method for defining electoral districts
PHYS.ORG For democratic elections to be fair, voting districts must have similar sizes. When populations shift, districts need to be redistributed - a complex and, in many countries, controversial task when political parties... 2 days
Predicting the future with the wisdom of crowds
PHYS.ORG Forecasters often overestimate how good they are at predicting geopolitical events—everything from who will become the next pope to who will win the next national election in Taiwan. 2 days
Diversity in the face of globalization
PHYS.ORG Researchers from Canada and Morocco are working together to define globalization and to place it in the context of culture. They write in the Journal of Global Business Advancement how globalization is a self-contradictory phenomenon. Across... 2 days
Technological innovation 'trumps' politics
PHYS.ORG Technological innovation, often induced by national and sub-national policies, is a key driver of global climate and energy policy ambition and action. Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement will hardly affect this trend. 2 days
Study examines gun policy preferences across racial groups
PHYS.ORG In the wake of recent mass shootings in Alexandria, Virginia, and elsewhere in the U.S., a new study from two University of Illinois at Chicago political scientists looks at factors that drive... 3 days
UN says world population will reach 9.8 billion in 2050
PHYS.ORG India's population is expected to surpass China's in about seven years and Nigeria is projected to overtake the United States and become the third most populous country in... 3 days
Study: Population aging likely to end in China, USA, and Germany
NEWS MEDICAL Population aging could peak by 2040 in Germany and by 2070 in China, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, which combines... 4 days
an end to population aging in china germany us An end to population aging in China, Germany, US
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Population aging could peak by 2040 in Germany and by 2070 in China, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, which combines new measures of aging... 4 days
An end to population aging in China, Germany, USA
SCIENCE DAILY New measures of aging, combined with UN population projections, show that population aging is likely to end before 2100 in China, Germany, and the USA. 4 days
Artificial intelligence can predict which congressional bills will pass
Science Magazine Machine learning meets the political machine 4 days
New study explores how refugee and immigrant women develop resilience to cope with stress
NEWS MEDICAL Refugee and undocumented immigrant women may experience unique and ongoing stress following migration, in addition to the pre- and post-migration traumatic events... 4 days
EU migration to Britain falls sharply: study
PHYS.ORG The number of people moving to Britain from Eastern Europe has fallen by around a third since the Brexit vote, according to a study released Wednesday that suggested the plunge in the pound could... 4 days
esa marks asteroid day ESA marks #Asteroid Day
ESA The United Nations has declared 30 June to be International Asteroid Day, and ESA is joining other space agencies, astronauts, scientists and even rock stars for a 24-hour... 4 days
Political bots are poisoning democracy – so, off with their heads
PHYS.ORG Propaganda bots posing as people are increasingly being used on social media to sway public opinion around the world. So says new research from the University... 4 days
Responses to terror attacks helping to fuel Islamophobia in society
PHYS.ORG The recent string of terrorist attacks across Europe has led to a spike in Islamophobic acts, from daily harassment to the horrific event this week in Finsbury Park.... 4 days
Solar solution brings water to besieged Syria town
PHYS.ORG Solar panels on wheels make for a strange sight on the streets of Syria's besieged Douma, but the makeshift generator is helping local residents secure water. 5 days
Are current efforts to combat terrorism actually increasing the risk of future attacks?
PHYS.ORG A public health perspective of the rise in terrorism and violent radicalization points to social determinants of health including discrimination, social isolation,... 5 days
brexit uncertainty worries uk space start ups Brexit uncertainty worries UK space start-ups
SPACE NEWS The U.K. government has committed to capturing 10 percent of the global space market by 2030 and is pouring support into emerging enterprises including... 5 days
Hidden Brain: Terror Strikes And An Attacker's Identity
NPR Research shows people are more likely to label an attack as terrorism if the perpetrator is Muslim. Terrorist attacks committed by Muslims receive more coverage than those not committed by Muslims. 5 days
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An end to population aging in China, Germany, US