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What Brexit could mean for your ferret
PHYS.ORG Britain laid out Monday the potential impact of Brexit for ferrets in case no deal is reached with the EU, along with warnings on air travel, freight transport and copyrights. 1 hour
Americans have more faith in legislatures where women are equally represented
PHYS.ORG The presence of women in a decision-making body increases the public's perception of that body's legitimacy, especially when that group makes decisions that impact women. This... 12 hours
Data reveals big picture of the French 2017 presidential election: Social media, fake news, and political communities
PHYS.ORG CNRS and EHESS researchers analyzed nearly 60 million political tweets posted during the 2017... 5 days
The long-term impact of employment bans on the economic integration of refugees
Science Magazine Many European countries impose employment bans that prevent asylum seekers from entering the local labor market for a certain waiting period upon arrival. We... 5 days
When refugees are barred from working, long-term integration suffers
PHYS.ORG As refugee flows have increased around the world, many governments are grappling with acute political pressure along with the logistical challenges of supporting refugees and processing asylum applications. Perhaps most... 5 days
From Syria to California: Refugees seek care for wounds of war
ABC NEWS A clinic in El Cajon, Calif., treats patients recovering from anything from gunshot wounds to PTSD and anxiety about family left behind. 5 days
The wider impact of illegal wildlife trade
PHYS.ORG Next month, world leaders will gather in London at the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade conference with the aim of stimulating the greater political commitment needed to stamp out wildlife crime. 5 days
Crime, not money, drives migration from El Salvador and Honduras
PHYS.ORG VIDEO An analysis of data directed by Jonathan Hiskey, associate professor of political science, and his co-authors shows that being a victim of crime is a powerful motivation for... 5 days
Echo chambers persist in climate politics, research shows
PHYS.ORG New research from the University of Maryland (UMD) finds that contentious climate politics continue to be influenced by the diffusion of scientific information inside "echo chambers"—social network structures in which individuals with... 5 days
From Syria to Southern California: Refugees seek care for wounds of war
NEWS MEDICAL In his native Syria, Mahmoud spent months in captivity in a crowded room three floors underground, never seeing the sun. Disease spread quickly among... 6 days
International study suggest ancient globalization
SCIENCE DAILY Using energy consumption as a measure, a team of international scientists has found that ancient civilizations engaged in globalization more than previously believed, suggesting that an integrated global economy is nothing new and may have benefited societies for... 6 days
BMW to pause UK output of Minis after Brexit
PHYS.ORG BMW will stop production at its Mini factory in Oxford for several weeks to avoid supply disruption in case of a no-deal Brexit, the German auto giant said Tuesday. 6 days
Anxiety surrounding mass shootings briefly closes ideological divides
PHYS.ORG People who feel anxious surrounding mass shootings tend to abandon their political ideology on typically divided issues, according to a study by two University of Kansas professors. 7 days
Big Tech is overselling AI as the solution to online extremism
PHYS.ORG In mid-September the European Union threatened to fine the Big Tech companies if they did not remove terrorist content within one hour of appearing online. The... 1 week
Ancient altar reveals Mayan 'Game of Thrones' dynasty
PHYS.ORG A 1,500 year old Mayan altar discovered in a small archeological site in northern Guatemala is drawing comparisons to popular fantasy drama television series "Game of Thrones" for its descriptions of the... 1 week
Database shines a bright light on Washington lobbying
PHYS.ORG Follow the money. It's a famous phrase from the Watergate era, but it applies to everyday life in modern Washington as well. That advice just got easier for everyone to carry out,... 2 weeks
Roche boss says Brexit and curbs on drug use pose threat to UK science
REUTERS Uncertainty over drug regulation and a reluctance by... 2 weeks
British companies, academics excluded from EU Galileo space project if no-deal Brexit
REUTERS British companies and academics will be excluded from the future development of the European Union's Galileo space project if the country leaves the bloc... 2 weeks
Corruption is hard to hide if you're a politician whose face is wide
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows that people can separate corrupt politicians from clean ones by simply looking at portraits of the politicians. 2 weeks
New research can identify extremists online, even before they post dangerous content
PHYS.ORG New research has found a way to identify extremists, such as those associated with the terrorist group ISIS, by monitoring their social media accounts,... 2 weeks
Political actions are required to address biodiversity loss, not additional scientific knowledge
PHYS.ORG Over 15 years, almost 13,000 scientific papers have been published in leading conservation science journals. Yet biodiversity remains threatened at a global scale. Two... 2 weeks
Overweight mothers more likely to stop breastfeeding sooner than healthy weight women
NEWS MEDICAL Overweight mothers are more likely than those classed as being of a healthy weight to stop breastfeeding in the first week after having a... 2 weeks
Social media have 1 hour to remove terror propaganda: EU bill
PHYS.ORG The European Union on Wednesday proposed steps to force social networks and websites to remove terrorist propaganda within an hour of receiving the order from authorities,... 2 weeks
Vote on EU online copyright reform splits usual allies
PHYS.ORG The European Parliament votes Wednesday on a highly complex online copyright law that has split natural political bedfellows and pitted music and news companies against Google and Facebook. 2 weeks
UN says more worldwide going hungry, blames climate change
PHYS.ORG The number of hungry people in the world is growing again, in large part due to climate change that is wreaking havoc on crop production in much of the developing... 2 weeks
UTSA researchers develop new model to assist during chemical attacks
NEWS MEDICAL It was morning in Khan Sheikhoun, a small rural town in the north of Syria. Residents went about their lives when up above jets crossed the skies. Suddenly,... 2 weeks
Syrian War study yields new predictive model for attrition dynamics in multilateral war
PHYS.ORG Three researchers have conducted a study of war, specifically the current conflict in Syria that's been raging since 2011, to arrive at... 2 weeks
Crime, not money, drives migration from El Salvador and Honduras