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alibaba will no longer bring 1 million jobs to the us citing tariffs Alibaba will no longer bring 1 million jobs to the US, citing tariffs
THE VERGE Alibaba’s founder and chairman Jack Ma says the Chinese mega... 4 hours
Administration sends states $1B in grants to battle opioids
ABC NEWS The Trump administration is awarding more than $1 billion in grants to help states confront the opioid epidemic, with most of the money going expand access to treatment and recovery... 7 hours
Florence death toll climbs to 37; Trump visits stricken area
PHYS.ORG The death toll from Hurricane Florence climbed to at least 37, including two women who drowned when a sheriff's van taking them to a mental health facility was... 6 hours
Trump’s biodefense plan aims to improve coordination across agencies
Science Magazine New Cabinet-level committee and point people named 7 hours
trump rescinds u s rules on pollution from drilling Trump rescinds U.S. rules on pollution from drilling
CBC The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama-era rule meant to curb pollution, easing U.S. restrictions on energy companies that... 12 hours
Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands
PHYS.ORG The Trump administration on Tuesday rolled back an Obama-era rule that forced energy companies to capture methane—a key contributor to climate change that's released in huge amounts during... 17 hours
The Latest: States sue over Trump pollution rollback
ABC NEWS Attorneys general from California and New Mexico are suing the Trump administration over its rollback of a rule aimed at reducing pollution from energy drilling on federal lands 1 day
senate passes music modernization act Senate passes Music Modernization Act
THE VERGE The US Senate has approved the Music Modernization Act of 2018, S.2334, with unanimous consent, bringing the first reform for music licensing in 20 years on... 1 day
Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands
ABC NEWS An on-again, off-again effort to restrict harmful methane emissions on federal lands is off _ again 1 day
I feel bad for Toad, Trump, Mario Kart and everyone on the internet today - CNET
CNET Commentary: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope 1 day
I feel bad for Toad, Trump, Mario Kart and everyone who woke up on the internet this morning - CNET
CNET Commentary: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope... 1 day
Peter Thiel’s argument that Silicon Valley has been ‘brainwashed’ by higher education is tired
TechCrunch Billionaire VC Peter Thiel has largely flown under the radar since raising his hand to support Donald Trump’s presidential bid,... 1 day
Cybersecurity firm: More Iran hacks as US sanctions loomed
PHYS.ORG A cybersecurity firm is warning that Iranian government-aligned hackers have stepped up their efforts in the wake of President Donald Trump pulling America from the nuclear deal. 1 day
Apple escapes China tariff hit for now, but threats loom
PHYS.ORG The latest round of tariffs imposed on China imposed by President Donald Trump appeared to largely spare Apple and other consumer electronics makers but they face increasing threats... 1 day
how trump s tariffs will hurt us tech companies How Trump’s tariffs will hurt US tech companies
THE VERGE On Monday night, the US Trade Representative (USTR) finalized a new round of tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports,... 1 day
tim cook on iphone xs people want the most innovative phone possible and it s not cheap to do that Tim Cook on iPhone XS: People Want the Most Innovative Phone Possible and 'It's Not Cheap to Do That'
MacRumors ... 1 day
Cash, carbon, crude—how to make oil fields bury emissions
PHYS.ORG In February 2018, Donald Trump signed into law new tax credits that reward oil companies for capturing carbon dioxide and preventing it from entering the atmosphere – either by burying... 1 day
Cybersecurity firm: More Iran hacks as US sanctions loomed
ABC NEWS Cybersecurity firm warns Iran government-backed hackers stepped up efforts after Trump pulled America from nuclear deal 1 day
Trump expands tariffs on China by another $200 billion, threatens more
TechCrunch By this point, you should all know the drill. Another day, another massive tariff from the Trump administration. After rumors the past few weeks that the... 2 days
apple watch and airpods to be excluded from trump s china tariffs Apple Watch and AirPods to be excluded from Trump’s China tariffs
9to5Mac The United States is said to exclude Apple Watch and AirPods from its next... 2 days
Your Apple Watch and AirPods may be safe from Trump's China tax - CNET
CNET The products reportedly aren't included on the list of Chinese products that'll face a new 10 percent tariff. 2 days
new trump tariffs won t include fitness trackers or the apple watch New Trump tariffs won’t include fitness trackers or the Apple Watch
THE VERGE For months, tech companies have been worried about looming tariffs on $200 billion in... 2 days
Apple Watch and other hardware reportedly spared by new Trump tariffs
TechCrunch The latest round of Trump administration tariffs is set to affect a number of different industries. At least one category previously expected to be impacted, however,... 2 days
Trump can text every phone in the US with a 'presidential alert' - CNET
CNET A mobile alert on Oct. 3 will test the government's ability to send out a nationwide emergency message. 2 days
apple watch airpods and other apple goods to be exempt from china tariffs Apple Watch, AirPods, and Other Apple Goods to Be Exempt From China Tariffs
MacRumors The Apple Watch, AirPods, and some other Apple products will... 2 days
Trump can text every phone in the US, will test 'Presidential Alert' on Oct. 3 - CNET
CNET The alert will test the government's ability to send out a nationwide emergency message. 2 days
china s threatened retaliatory moves to trump s tariffs could be devastating to apple China’s threatened retaliatory moves to Trump’s tariffs could be ‘devastating’ to Apple
9to5Mac As the Trump administration announced plans to widen the net on its tariffs on Chinese imports, China has threatened retaliatory action which could prove... 2 days
FEMA chief: Too much blame around on Puerto Rico deaths
ABC NEWS The Trump administration's disaster relief chief says that "the numbers are all over the place" from studies on the death toll from last year's Hurricane Maria in Puerto... 3 days
the trump administration could announce another round of tariffs tomorrow The Trump administration could announce another round of tariffs tomorrow
THE VERGE The next round of trade tariffs against China could be announced as soon as Monday or... 3 days
Optimism trumps despair at climate summit
PHYS.ORG Mayors, governors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and celebrities delivered a double-edged message Friday at the close of a climate summit in San Francisco: global warming is making the planet unliveable—but we know how to fix it. 5 days
Gov. 'Moonbeam' says California to launch climate satellite
ABC NEWS President Trump was a popular target Friday at California Gov. Jerry Brown's climate change summit in San Francisco 5 days
Trump is a popular target at California climate summit
ABC NEWS Former Secretary of State John Kerry lambasted President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the landmark Paris climate accord 5 days
The Latest: Al Gore says US can rejoin Paris Agreement
ABC NEWS Former Secretary of State John Kerry lambasted President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the landmark Paris climate accord 5 days
Lawsuit aims to block Trump 'short-term' health plans
ABC NEWS Patient advocates sue to block Trump administration's 'short-term' health insurance plans 5 days
John Kerry blasts Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate pact
ABC NEWS Former Secretary of State John Kerry lambasted President Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the landmark Paris climate accord 5 days
4 takeaways on Puerto Rico’s death toll after Trump’s tweet storm
ABC NEWS Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to challenge the official count of the number of people who died in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of... 5 days
Congress sends Trump energy spending bill that includes healthy boost for science
Science Magazine Lawmakers resoundingly reject proposed cuts to basic and applied science programs 6 days
Global summit rebukes Trump, cheers on work to aid climate
ABC NEWS Thousands of mayors, climate activists and business leaders from around the world descended on San Francisco to cheer on efforts to reduce global warming, even after U.S. President... 6 days
Funds for Florida health insurance helpers cut by millions
ABC NEWS The Trump administration has slashed funding for the second year in a row for counselors who help consumers sign up for health insurance through the federal marketplace 6 days
Google defends Trump election reaction
BBC Right-wing website Breitbart published a video of senior Google staff reacting to the Trump win. 6 days
California governor: Trump a 'fool' on climate legacy
ABC NEWS California Gov. Jerry Brown started his global climate summit in San Francisco by saying that President Donald Trump will likely be remembered as a liar and a fool when it comes to... 6 days
Leaked video: Google execs bemoan Trump election in 2016
ABC NEWS A recently leaked video from 2016 shows Google executives lamenting the election of Donald Trump 6 days
Fear book: Amazon glitch mixes in L Ron Hubbard novel reviews
BBC Reviews of a book by the founder of scientology are posted to Fear, about President Trump's White House. 7 days
In Trump’s first year, nation’s uninsured rate unchanged
NEWS MEDICAL Despite Republicans’ resistance to the federal health law, the percentage of Americans without health insurance in 2017 remained the same as during the last year of the Obama administration, according to a... 7 days
Reddit bans QAnon subreddit that featured pro-Trump conspiracy theories - CNET
CNET It was taken down for content policy violations, Reddit said. 1 week
breitbart posted a leaked video of google s first all hands meeting after the 2016 election Breitbart posted a leaked video of Google’s first all-hands meeting after the 2016 election
THE VERGE Breitbart published a leaked video from Google’s first... 1 week
A reliable cryptocurrency needs good governance, say researchers
PHYS.ORG Participants in cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin need to be better at preempting beneficial software changes. This will ensure the security and privacy of addresses and transactions, and help retain the value of... 1 week
Unwitting patients, copycat comments play hidden role in federal rule-making
ABC NEWS This story is from Kaiser Health News. A proposal to sharply cut a drug discount program that many hospitals rely on drew some 1,400 comments when the Trump... 1 week
one day ahead of iphone launch aapl slid as much as 2 yesterday over trade war fears One day ahead of iPhone launch, AAPL slid as much as 2% yesterday over trade war fears
9to5Mac Trump’s latest... 1 week
Unwitting patients, copycat comments play hidden role in federal rule-making
NEWS MEDICAL A proposal to sharply cut a drug discount program that many hospitals rely on drew some 1,400 comments when the Trump administration announced its plan last year. Hundreds... 1 week
Chinese companies flee overseas to avoid US tariffs
PHYS.ORG A growing number of Chinese companies are adopting a crafty way to evade US President Donald Trump's tariffs: remove the "Made in China" label by shifting production to countries such as Vietnam,... 1 week
Apple suppliers slump after Trump tells iPhone maker to make products in US - CNET
CNET The president say the company should shift production to avoid tariffs on China. 1 week
Medicaid work requirements will cause 'more harm than good': Researchers
ABC NEWS The Trump administration is letting states require Medicaid beneficiaries to work. 1 week
trump s chinese tariffs could reduce apple revenues by 5 profit by 1 says analyst Trump’s Chinese tariffs could reduce Apple revenues by 5%, profit by 1%, says analyst
9to5Mac Trump’s latest proposal for the administration’s trade war... 1 week
apple suppliers see share prices slump after trump s latest trade war tweet Apple suppliers see share prices slump after Trump’s latest trade war tweet
9to5Mac Asian Apple suppliers are the latest casualty in the war of words between Apple and the Trump administration. Key suppliers saw their share price... 1 week
ATS joins U.S. Senators urging Trump administration to show leadership in global TB elimination efforts
NEWS MEDICAL Today, the American Thoracic Society joined U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Todd Young and other senators in calling... 1 week
trump renews call for apple to make its products in the us Trump renews call for Apple to make its products in the US
THE VERGE President Donald Trump suggested this morning that Apple should move its manufacturing plants to America as a way to avoid tariffs in the ongoing... 2 weeks
trump renews call for apple to make products in america amid tariff price increase concerns Trump renews call for Apple to make products in America amid tariff price increase concerns
9to5Mac Apple argued yesterday that Trump’s proposed... 2 weeks
Trump calls on Apple to move production from China to US
PHYS.ORG US President Donald Trump called Saturday for Apple to make its products in the US instead of China to avoid suffering the consequences of his trade... 2 weeks
Trump: Apple can avoid tariffs by shifting production to US
ABC NEWS Trump agrees with Apple that potential tariffs on Chinese imports could make its gadgets more expensive, but says the tech company can fix the problem by moving production... 2 weeks
apple says watch airpods and chargers will be more expensive under trump tariffs Apple says Watch, AirPods, and chargers will be more expensive under Trump tariffs
THE VERGE Apple says the United States’ latest round of proposed tariffs... 2 weeks
Apple says Trump's tariffs would make Watch, AirPods and Macs more expensive - CNET
CNET It's not like Apple gear was cheap to begin with. 2 weeks
Trump wants to just tariff the hell out of China
TechCrunch Another day, another whopper of a tariff. The Trump administration has been busy finalizing the rulemaking process to put 25% tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, which... 2 weeks
apple argues trump s tariff increase would affect apple watch airpods mac mini more Apple argues Trump’s tariff increase would affect Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac mini, more
9to5Mac Tim Cook has previously shared his perspective on tariffs, saying... 2 weeks
Clinton lost US election because Democrats were too inclusive—study
PHYS.ORG Hillary Clinton may have lost out to Donald Trump in the battle for the US Presidency because the Democrats were too willing to welcome others with differing views to theirs... 2 weeks
Word detectives: Science may help finger opinion columnist
PHYS.ORG Language detectives say the key clues to who wrote the anonymous New York Times opinion piece slamming President Donald Trump may not be the odd and glimmering "lodestar," but the itty-bitty words... 2 weeks
Twitter CEO on Trump's tweets video - CNET
CNET CEO Jack Dorsey gets questioned on whether Trump's tweets are abusive. 2 weeks
Twitter's Dorsey dodges question on whether Trump's tweets are abusive - CNET
CNET The Twitter CEO points to the social network's terms of service instead of giving an answer. 2 weeks
US to probe Big Tech on 'stifling' free speech
PHYS.ORG President Donald Trump's administration warned Wednesday of a possible legal crackdown on big technology companies over competition or political bias, in a bombshell announcement that came as social media executives... 2 weeks
Justice Department to dig into Facebook and Twitter censorship concern - CNET
CNET Attorneys general will discuss whether social networks are "intentionally stifling" viewpoints two months after President Trump accused Twitter of shadow banning conservatives. 2 weeks
Trump, without evidence, says social media companies have interfered in elections - CNET
CNET The president's comments come as Facebook and Twitter face Congress. 2 weeks
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YouTube’s trending tab is there to lure in new users, not views
How to set up Apple TV, iPad, and HomePod as HomeKit hubs
Unprecedented ice loss in Russian ice cap
The Fortnite cube finally does something, turns Loot Lake into bouncy lake - CNET
Engineers develop first method for controlling nanomotors
Researchers develop microbubble scrubber to destroy dangerous biofilms
Huawei Mate 20 Pro leaks w/ super-slim bezels, ‘Freebuds 2 Pro’ charge wirelessly using phone
Satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk
High-tech ‘skins’ turn everyday objects into robots
HomePod misses top 5 smart speaker list, but grabs impressive 70% of $200+ market
Watch robotic ‘skins’ give life to inanimate toys
Science Magazine
Watch a hurricane put a dent in Earth’s crust
Science Magazine
Partial OnePlus 6T render confirms dual-cameras w/ no bump and no rear fingerprint sensor, teaser video
People are lining up to watch PewDiePie lose his spot as the top YouTube channel
Video: Net successfully snares space debris
Fortnite v5.41 adds ‘Port-A-Fortress,’ new limited time items and modes, various fixes
How medicine literally gets under your skin
To avoid vision problems in space, astronauts will need some kind of artificial gravity
Three new physics experiments could revamp the standard model
Crime, not money, drives migration from El Salvador and Honduras