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Switching to certain antidiabetic drugs linked to increased risk of major complications
SCIENCE DAILY For people with type 2 diabetes, switching to sulfonylurea drugs to control blood sugar levels is associated with an increased risk of complications compared... 7 hours
While men lose more weight on low-carb diets, women show improved artery flexibility
SCIENCE DAILY According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 1 out of 3 American adults live with higher than normal... 2 days
Bioengineers, diabetes researchers convene to discuss future concepts for precision medicine
NEWS MEDICAL New technologies enable deeper insights into the causes of major diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cancer and open the way to a new generation of... 2 days
Okayama University research could improve prognosis of diabetic kidney disease
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Okayama University report in the journal Diabetes Care their findings on measurements of ion concentration in solutions for clinical and environmental research. The results are expected... 2 days
Diabetes drug with better side-effect tolerance could improve treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Improved medications for Type 2 diabetes are one step closer thanks to a new discovery. By modifying the key ingredient in current diabetes drugs, the researchers produced a compound that... 2 days
Anatomy of a protein kinase spine and how to break it
PHYS.ORG The post-translational addition of phosphate groups to serine, threonine and tyrosine residues is a fundamental strategy for regulating protein activities in eukaryotes. Eukaryotic protein kinases—the enzymes... 2 days
Residential segregation linked with racial disparities in firearm homicide fatalities
NEWS MEDICAL Residential segregation is linked to many racial disparities in health, including cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 3 days
Medical News Today: Is it true that 'healthy obesity' boosts death risk?
MNT New research questions whether metabolically healthy obesity — obesity without diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol — actually increases mortality. 4 days
Retooled vaccine raises hopes as a lower-cost treatment for Type 1 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL For Hodalis Gaytan, 20, living with Type 1 diabetes means depending on an assortment of expensive medicines and devices to stay healthy. Test strips.... 6 days
New web-based game motivates people to exercise more
NEWS MEDICAL A majority of American workers spend most of their day sitting and don't get enough exercise, putting them at risk for a variety of chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer. 6 days
Medical News Today: Type 2 diabetes, obesity may soon be reversed with gene therapy
MNT For the first time, scientists use gene therapy to successfully reverse obesity and insulin resistance in an animal model of... 7 days
Clinical trial examines impact of high-dose omega-3 and vitamin D on halting type 1 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists from the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine today announced the... 1 week
People with type 2 diabetes more likely to suffer from breathlessness, restrictive lung disease
NEWS MEDICAL Breathlessness and conditions of restrictive lung disease (RLD), such as pulmonary fibrosis, may be a late complication of type 2... 1 week
Medical News Today: What is maltodextrin and is it safe?
MNT Maltodextrin is a powder that manufacturers add to many foods to improve their texture, taste, or shelf-life. The FDA consider it safe, but it can cause spikes in... 1 week
Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of wild yam?
MNT Traditional medicine practitioners use wild yam to treat a variety of conditions, including menopause symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and muscular cramps. In this article, we examine... 1 week
High prevalence of restrictive lung disease in people with type 2 diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY Breathlessness and conditions of restrictive lung disease (RLD), such as pulmonary fibrosis, may be a late complication of type 2 diabetes. 1 week
Gene Therapy Treats Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Mice
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, CIBERDEM and the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre... 1 week
How shift work disrupts metabolism
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has brought scientists closer to finding out why working night shifts increases your risk of developing diabetes and other metabolic disorders. The study revealed that just three days of being on a night shift schedule... 1 week
Breakthrough technology offers hope for early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers are developing early detection technology for Type 1 diabetes that can accurately predict if a child is at risk of the chronic disease. 1 week
Medical News Today: What to know about the antidiueretic hormone (ADH) test
MNT Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is responsible for regulating the body’s fluid balance. Doctors can use an ADH test to help diagnose underlying conditions that cause... 1 week
Type 1 diabetes patients five times more likely to end up in ER or hospital after a gap in health insurance
NEWS MEDICAL For a million American adults, living... 1 week
Air pollution is triggering diabetes in 3.2 million people each year
SCIENCE-NEWS A new study quantifies the link between smoggy air and diabetes. 1 week
Human clinical trial reveals verapamil as an effective type 1 diabetes therapy
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered a safe and effective novel therapy to reduce insulin requirements and hypoglycemic episodes in adult subjects with recent onset type 1... 1 week
Human trial identifies common blood pressure medication as safe, effective therapy for diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Diabetes Center have discovered a safe and effective novel therapy to reduce insulin... 1 week
Gene therapy shown to cure type 2 diabetes and obesity in mice, researchers report
SCIENCE DAILY A single administration of a therapeutic vector in mouse models cures type 2 diabetes and obesity in the absence of... 1 week
New targets found to reduce blood vessel damage in diabetes
SCIENCE DAILY Levels of the enzyme PDIA1, which enables a healthy homeostasis of endothelial cells as well as production of new blood vessels, decrease in diabetes, while activity of Drp1,... 1 week
Researchers use gene therapy to cure obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice
NEWS MEDICAL A research team from the UAB led by Professor Fatima Bosch has managed to cure obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice... 1 week
Scientists discover new target to treat blood vessel damage in diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL In diabetes, both the tightly woven endothelial cells that line our blood vessels and the powerhouses that drive those cells start to come apart as early... 1 week
Medical News Today: Diabetes risk increased in women who work long hours
MNT A new study finds that women who work 45 hours per week or more have a heightened risk of developing diabetes. However, men were... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Strong link found between air pollution and diabetes
MNT A new study finds a strong link between air pollution and an increased risk of diabetes. The findings could have a significant global impact. 2 weeks
It's official -- spending time outside is good for you
SCIENCE DAILY Living close to nature and spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits -- according to new research. A new report reveals that exposure to greenspace reduces... 2 weeks
Irregular metabolism of branched-chain amino acids may cause progression of type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL In the U.S., about five out of 100 expectant mothers develop gestational diabetes mellitus, a temporary form of diabetes in which hormonal... 2 weeks
Non-opioid drug relieves pain in mice, targets immune cells
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found that inhibiting a receptor on immune cells called macrophages may help relieve pain in some patients, particularly those with chronic neuropathic pain, such as those with conditions... 2 weeks
Abnormal branched-chain amino acid breakdown may raise diabetes risk
SCIENCE DAILY A new study suggests that the irregular metabolism of branched-chain amino acids -- components of proteins found in many foods -- may be partially to blame for progression to type... 2 weeks
Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes at increased risk of having babies with heart defects
NEWS MEDICAL Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes run a higher risk of having babies with heart defects, especially women... 2 weeks
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