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AWS adds more EC2 instance types with local NVMe storage
TechCrunch AWS is adding a new kind of virtual machine to its growing list of EC2 options. These new machines feature local NVMe storage, which offers significantly faster throughput... 2 days
locationsmart bug provided easy access to real time location data of millions of phones LocationSmart Bug Provided Easy Access to Real-Time Location Data of Millions of Phones
MacRumors Robert Xiao, a computer science student at Carnegie Mellon, recently... 2 days
google is making an ar headset with new qualcomm chips Google is making an AR headset with new Qualcomm chips
THE VERGE Google is reportedly working on a standalone augmented reality headset that will use new Qualcomm chips.... 2 days
Trudeau touts Canada's AI credentials at MIT tech gathering
ABC NEWS Canadian computer scientists helped pioneer the field of artificial intelligence before it was a buzzword, and now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hoping to capitalize on their intellectual lead 2 days
The Latest: Trudeau touts Canada's AI potential at MIT
ABC NEWS Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is "investing massively in AI," building on decades of research by Canadian computer scientists who helped provide the "modern underpinnings" advancing the field... 2 days
how to convert several images into a single pdf using preview How to Convert Several Images into a Single PDF Using Preview
MacRumors Over the years, Adobe's PDF file type has become a universally accepted method for... 2 days
2 Syrian nationals indicted in pro-Assad hacking scheme
ABC NEWS Two Syrian nationals have been indicted in a computer hacking scheme that targeted the White House, Harvard University, U.S. Marine Corps and news media outlets, including The Associated Press. 3 days
Toshiba's chip sale to consortium wins regulatory approval
ABC NEWS Japanese electronics company Toshiba Corp. says the sale of its computer memory chip business to a consortium led by Bain Capital Private Equity has cleared all anti-trust regulatory approval, including a final... 3 days
cbc warns past current staff personal data may be at risk after break in theft of computer CBC warns past, current staff personal data may be at risk after break-in, theft of computer
CBC The CBC is warning... 3 days
This Xbox controller has clever ways to help disable people play - CNET
CNET Microsoft’s new $99 Xbox Accessibility Controller works with external buttons, joysticks, puff tubes and other devices designed to help people control a... 4 days
Oxford-based MeVitae wants to scale the hiring process and remove unconscious bias
TechCrunch The HR departments of large companies face a common challenge: how to scale the hiring process when they receive hundreds if not thousands of... 4 days
this japanese foldable e ink typewriter is coming to the us This Japanese foldable E Ink typewriter is coming to the US
THE VERGE Pomera is a line of minimalist writing computers from Japanese company King Jim. There... 5 days
Google Compute Engine now offers VMs with up to 3844GB of memory
TechCrunch Sometimes, you just need more RAM. That’s especially true when you want to run memory-hungry enterprise applications like SAP’s HANA database or high-performance computing... 5 days
spigen s new iphone x cases prey on your nostalgia for retro apple gadgets Spigen’s new iPhone X cases prey on your nostalgia for retro Apple gadgets
THE VERGE Nothing sells like nostalgia, a look back to the simpler... 5 days
Apple grows its self-driving car fleet, but what exactly is it doing? - Roadshow
CNET Everyone's favorite purveyor of slick glass-and-aluminum computers and phones has been rumored to be in the self-driving car game for... 6 days
doom creator john carmack shares his interactions with steve jobs Doom Creator John Carmack Shares His Interactions With Steve Jobs
MacRumors John Carmack, best known for his work on iconic games that include Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein... 6 days
nintendo is making a special edition famicom mini loaded with manga games Nintendo is making a special edition Famicom Mini loaded with manga games
THE VERGE VIDEO Nintendo is releasing a gold and red Famicom Mini in Japan that comes preloaded with 20 games that are based on manga, as spotted... 6 days
New computational strategy designed for more personalized cancer treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Mathematicians and cancer scientists have found a way to simplify complex biomolecular data about tumors, in principle making it easier to prescribe the appropriate treatment for a specific patient. 6 days
AWS introduces 1-click Lambda functions app for IoT
TechCrunch When Amazon introduced AWS Lambda in 2015, the notion of serverless computing was relatively unknown. It enables developers to deliver software without having to manage a server to do it. Instead, Amazon... 6 days
How Microsoft 365 connects the consumer-professional to ubiquitous computing
Windows Central Microsoft's Microsoft 365 push as part of the connective tissue unifying devices within its computing cloud strategy is one of Microsoft Build 2018's biggest takeaways. The cloud drives Microsoft's narrative... 6 days
Time travelers might be invited to Stephen Hawking's funeral - CNET
CNET VIDEO Whether it's intentional or a computer glitch, time lords can now RSVP to Hawking's memorial service in June. 6 days
researchers discover vulnerabilities in pgp gpg email encryption plugins users advised to avoid for now Researchers Discover Vulnerabilities in PGP/GPG Email Encryption Plugins, Users Advised to Avoid for Now
MacRumors A warning has been issued by European security... 6 days
Researchers warn of critical flaw affecting PGP and S/MIME
TechCrunch Those who use PGP and S/MIME to send secure emails are being advised to cease using and disable the tools with immediate effect following a major security scare. Researcher Sebastian Schinzel, a... 6 days
mit built a self driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads MIT built a self-driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads
THE VERGE Taking the road less traveled is extremely difficult for self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles rely... 1 week
Plex now supports HDR on Xbox One
Windows Central Streaming supported videos has never been better. Plex is a streaming platform which organizes music and movies from your computer and allows you to experience them on various devices like an Xbox One or... 1 week
Ukraine computer involved in Tennessee elections attack
ABC NEWS Investigators found evidence of a "malicious intrusion" into a Tennessee county's elections website from a computer in Ukraine during a concerted cyberattack as votes were being reported in this month's primary 1 week
walt mossberg on the imac s 20th anniversary Walt Mossberg on the iMac’s 20th anniversary
THE VERGE Apple’s iMac turned 20 this week, so there couldn’t have been a better celebration than to revive the retired podcast Ctrl-Walt-Delete for... 1 week
Japan's getting a special NES Classic loaded with Dragon Ball games - CNET
CNET A special, gold Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer is being made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine --... 1 week
What happens when the robots sound too much like humans?
ABC NEWS A computer assistant that makes convincingly human-sounding phone calls wowed a crowd of Google enthusiasts, but is it ethical? 2 weeks
How to remove update KB4103721 from Windows 10 April 2018 Update
Windows Central If your PC can't boot after installing update KB4103721, you can try this workaround to get Windows 10 up and running again. On May 8, Microsoft... 2 weeks
to understand feuds between virtual instagram models you need to understand pro wrestling To understand feuds between virtual Instagram models, you need to understand pro wrestling
THE VERGE Even by the standards of the internet, the recent feud... 2 weeks
google lens actually shows how ai can make life easier Google Lens actually shows how AI can make life easier
THE VERGE During Google’s I/O developer conference keynote, artificial intelligence was once again the defining theme and Google’s... 2 weeks
Microsoft talks about what happened to the Courier at Build 2018
Windows Central Ever wondered why the infamous Courier was canceled? We've got an official answer for you. The Microsoft Courier. The canceled legendary dual-screen computer from 2010 made... 2 weeks
twitter may add encrypted direct messages on android Twitter may add encrypted direct messages on Android
THE VERGE Twitter has started building an encrypted direct messaging feature in its Android app, according to a computer science student who... 2 weeks
Microsoft talks a bit about what happened to the Courier at Build 2018
Windows Central Ever wondered why the infamous Courier was canceled? We've got an official answer for you. The Microsoft Courier. The canceled legendary dual-screen... 2 weeks
Google wants to bring multiplayer AR to iOS and Android with its new Cloud Anchors tool
TechCrunch Multiplayer has been one of the huge limitations of early smartphone AR platforms; it’s a tough... 2 weeks
Georgia governor vetoes cybercrime legislation
ABC NEWS Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed a bill criminalizing unauthorized computer access after receiving blowback from the state's booming cybersecurity industry 2 weeks
Intel Capital pumps $72M into AI, IoT, cloud and silicon startups, $115M invested so far in 2018
TechCrunch Intel Capital, the investment arm of the computer processor giant, is today announcing $72... 2 weeks
Microsoft and Red Hat now offer a jointly managed OpenShift service on Azure
TechCrunch Microsoft and Red Hat are deepening their existing alliance around cloud computing. The two companies will now offer a managed version of... 2 weeks
twitter working on encrypted dms facebook on bitmoji style avatars Twitter working on encrypted DMs; Facebook on Bitmoji-style avatars
9to5Google Twitter appears to be working on supporting encrypted direct messages, with a feature currently labelled Secret Conversations. A... 2 weeks
twitter working on encrypted dms facebook on bitmoji style avatars Twitter working on encrypted DMs; Facebook on Bitmoji-style avatars
9to5Mac Twitter appears to be working on supporting encrypted direct messages, with a feature currently labelled Secret Conversations. A... 2 weeks
World of Warcraft attacker jailed in US
BBC A man accused of disrupting the video game's computer servers faces a year in prison. 2 weeks
Hackers can peek through surveillance cameras, report says - CNET
CNET A researcher in Argentina showed he could log into tens of thousands of DVR cameras and view the video stream live, according to Bleeping Computer. 2 weeks
what is edge computing What is edge computing?
THE VERGE Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have proven to us that we can trust them with our personal data. Now it’s time to reward that trust by giving... 2 weeks
Microsoft Build 2018, day 1: Everything that was just announced - CNET
CNET The software giant's developer conference kicked off with what's next in AI, cloud computing, machine learning and a Cortana/Alexa friendship in bloom. 2 weeks
Microsoft's Project Brainwave brings fast-chip smarts to AI at Build conference - CNET
CNET Microsoft promises fast and flexible FPGA chips will unlock new AI abilities for customers using its Azure cloud-computing service. 2 weeks
microsoft partners with dji on a new windows 10 drone sdk Microsoft partners with DJI on a new Windows 10 drone SDK
THE VERGE DJI is partnering with Microsoft to build a new drone SDK for Windows 10... 2 weeks
How to enable memory integrity protection on Windows 10 April 2018 Update
Windows Central You can now prevent even more sophisticated attacks using core isolation's memory integrity feature included with the April update of Windows 10. On Windows... 2 weeks
Microsoft brings more AI smarts to the edge
TechCrunch At its Build developer conference this week, Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence and edge computing. To a large degree, that means bringing many of the existing Azure... 2 weeks
Microsoft and DJI team up to bring smarter drones to the enterprise
TechCrunch At the Microsoft Build developer conference today, Microsoft and Chinese drone manufacturer DJI announced a new partnership that aims to bring more of Microsoft’s machine... 2 weeks
Microsoft announces new mixed reality apps for the workplace
Windows Central The new mixed reality tools are built with firstline workers in mind. Between its efforts with HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft has been particularly adamant about the role mixed... 2 weeks
Microsoft introduces new Azure AI tools for developers
Windows Central Microsoft is going all in on AI with its latest additions to Azure. Artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing are front-and-center at Build 2018, and Microsoft's latest additions to Azure are no... 2 weeks
Simplenote for Windows 10 syncs your notes to all your devices
Windows Central Your phone, your tablet, and your computer all have notes apps built in, but Simplenote is on all those devices and syncs your notes for free.... 2 weeks
comment 20 years later the imac still shows apple s design prowess Comment: 20 years later, the iMac still shows Apple’s design prowess
9to5Mac VIDEO Tim Cook yesterday tweeted in celebration of 20 years of iMac. 20 years ago... 2 weeks
microsoft needs to prove it s not another ibm Microsoft needs to prove it’s not another IBM
THE VERGE Microsoft has been known as the Windows company for years, but that’s changing. As the company embraces a world beyond... 2 weeks
Cloud computing, artificial intelligence on Microsoft agenda
ABC NEWS Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is kicking off Build, the company's annual conference for software developers 2 weeks
Apple's Tim Cook celebrates the iMac's 20th anniversary - CNET
CNET Apple's CEO tweeted out his own tribute to the company's all-in-one computer on its 20th birthday. 2 weeks
apple celebrates 20th anniversary of steve jobs unveiling the imac Apple Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Steve Jobs Unveiling the iMac
MacRumors Today marks the 20th anniversary of the late Steve Jobs introducing the iMac, in what has... 2 weeks
Upgrade your computer with the SanDisk Plus 960GB SSD for $200
Windows Central Add speed and space for a low price. The SanDisk Plus 960GB solid state drive is down to $199.99 on Amazon. The street price for this... 2 weeks
Time travelers might be invited to Stephen Hawking's funeral - CNET
Nintendo is making a special edition Famicom Mini loaded with manga games
Comment: 20 years later, the iMac still shows Apple’s design prowess