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Jodie Foster Is In Talks To Join FX’s ‘Y: The Last Man’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Reportedly, Jodie Foster is in talks with FX to join their adaptation of the Vertigo comic book ‘Y: The Last Man’.  She would be... 2 hours
Getting All The Buzz: Marvel Releases 2 New Clips From ‘Ant Man And The Wasp!’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For those of us who just... 3 hours
Why The Spawn Reboot Won’t Reveal Too Much Behind-The-Scenes Information
CINEMA BLEND A lot of comic book fans are looking forward to the long-rumored Spawn reboot, but they... 3 hours
The Walking Dead's Former Showrunner Says He Initially Wanted To Be Super Faithful To The Comics
CINEMA BLEND Scott Gimple confessed recently... 3 hours
Exclusive: Entertainment Earth Brings The Infinity Gauntlet To SDCC
SCIENCEFICTION.COM At one point or another, it’s probably safe to say we all wished we could wield the power... 5 hours
New ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner Confirms Season 9 Will Have A Time Jump
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just as ‘The Walking Dead’ comic had a time jump after “All Out War,” we’ve just gotten confirmation that one will happen on AMC’s... 23 hours
Hannah John-Kamen Shares Why She Loves Playing Ghost In ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As a fan of Marvel, Hannah John-Kamen has been loving... 1 day
Ant-Man And The Wasp May Have Snuck In A Classic Marvel Villain
CINEMA BLEND Ant-Man and the Wasp already has Ghost and Sonny Burch as part of its lineup, but there may be another Marvel villain subtly appearing. 1 day
Ghost Will Have A Unique Relationship To The Heroes In Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND When we went to Atlanta to visit the... 1 day
Marvel Appears To Have Narrowed The Search For ‘Black Widow”s Director To Three
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel appears to have narrowed down its search for the... 1 day
Infinity War's Josh Brolin Explains How Benedict Cumberbatch Motivated Him To Play Thanos
CINEMA BLEND Marvel fixed it's long-standing "villain problem" by making an entire... 1 day
Paul Rudd Says His Daughter Can’t Get Enough Of Drawing Ant-Man
CINEMA BLEND Ant-Man is often the butt of jokes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it... 2 days
Jeff Goldblum Would Be Interested In The Grandmaster Getting His Own Marvel Movie
CINEMA BLEND Jeff Goldblum seems totally up for reprising his role as... 2 days
Chloe Grace Moretz Won’t Reprise Hit-Girl Role For ‘Kick-Ass 3’ Because Of What Happened In ‘Kick-Ass 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Kick-Ass’ director... 2 days
Christopher Markus And Stephen McFeely Share How They’d Fix The DCEU
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were recently asked how they’d fix DC’s cinematic woes. These two... 2 days
A Superman Movie Villain Is Finally Being Introduced To The Comics
CINEMA BLEND After several decades, a villain who gave Superman trouble on the big screen is... 2 days
Samuel L. Jackson Shares That Nick Fury Will Meet Black Panther In The MCU!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It almost seems surprising that Samuel L. Jackson‘s... 2 days
Netflix Plans An ‘Iron Fist’ Panel For San Diego Comic Con
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios has declared that it is sitting out San Diego Comic-Con next month,... 2 days
Book Review: “Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World” By Dan Abnett
SCIENCEFICTION.COM New York Times bestselling author Dan Abnett might be best known to comic fans for his runs on ‘The Punisher’, ‘War Machine’, and ‘Annihilation:... 2 days
Alex Kurtzman And Secret Hideout To Produce New ‘Star Trek’ Content For CBS
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Trekkies, rejoice! New reports have surfaced revealing that CBS Television... 2 days
Dark Horse Is Working With Netflix To Bring Us More ‘Stranger Things’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If the next season of ‘Stranger Things‘ and the upcoming novels aren’t enough, you’ll be thrilled to learn that we’ll have another way to... 2 days
Amazon Has Ordered An Adult Animated Series Based On Robert Kirkman’s ‘Invincible’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Amazon has ordered eight one-hour episodes of an animated series based on the Image Comics title ‘Invincible’.  The book was created by ‘The Walking... 2 days
SPOILER ALERT: EPs Reveal What Comic Book Will Inspire ‘Supergirl’ Season Four
SCIENCEFICTION.COM At the end of the ‘Supergirl’ Season Three finale, the action shifted to desolate Siberia, where a group of Russian soldiers respond to an alert... 3 days
The Hardest Scene Marvel’s Propmaster Has Ever Worked On Involved Robert Downey Jr.
CINEMA BLEND Marvel's very own Tony Stark found his greatest challenge when... 3 days
Here’s How ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Will Fit Into The MCU Timeline
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel fans who have seen ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ know that what happens in the film changes the future for literally every single character in... 3 days
Ghost’s Powers In ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Will Be The Same As The Comic!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known for awhile now that Ghost will... 3 days
New Comic Books This Week – June 20th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 6/20/2018. As always, check with your... 3 days
Two Key Movies That Have Inspired Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND With the idea of advancing beyond the idea of the "comic book movie," the Marvel Cinematic... 3 days
The 2 Unexpected 80s Films Which Inspired ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Director Peyton Reed has shared that ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp‘ had two surprising 80s... 3 days
Would Michael B. Jordan Return For Black Panther 2? Here's What He Says
CINEMA BLEND Michael B. Jordan recently opened up about the possibility of... 3 days
Robert De Niro Could Join A DC Comics Movie
CINEMA BLEND Comic book movies are becoming so prevalent that you begin to worry if Hollywood may run out of... 3 days
Insomniac's Spider-Man Is Set To Join The Marvel Universe
CINEMA BLEND A lot of studios and companies would probably love to get in on Marvel's properties, and Insomniac Games... 4 days
Supergirl's Finale Cliffhanger Revealed An Incredible DC Comics Plot For Season 4
CINEMA BLEND The Season 3 cliffhanger of Supergirl revealed some of what we can expect from Season 4, including a big DC Comics arc adaptation. 4 days
How Ant-Man And The Wasp Will Operate Next To Avengers: Infinity War, According To Peyton Reed
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War will... 4 days
How Avengers: Infinity War’s Production Impacted The Filming Of Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND The year 2017 was a notably crazy one for Marvel... 4 days
Will Laurence Fishburne Become Black Goliath In ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Laurence Fishburne is playing a major ‘Ant-Man’ supporting character, Bill Foster, in the sequel... 4 days
What Other Marvel Comic Characters Were Almost A Part Of The MCU? ‘Infinity War’ Writers Answer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Marvel Cinematic Universe... 4 days
Spider-Man PS4 Features Avengers Tower, Will There Be More Connections?
CINEMA BLEND If you were excited about the game before, there's reason to get even more excited now... 4 days
Joe Pokaski Slipped In An Easter Egg Into ‘Cloak And Dagger’ That Even The Biggest Marvel Fans Missed
Captain Marvel hires Pinar Toprak to compose
SCI FI NOW Captain Marvel has found its composer in Fortnite's Pinar Toprak 4 days
Amber Heard Reveals How Zack Snyder Convinced Her To Sign On For Aquaman's Mera
CINEMA BLEND The next entry in DC film universe will... 4 days
How Ant-Man & The Wasp Will Operate Next To Avengers: Infinity War, According To Peyton Reed
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War will... 4 days
Another Way Captain Marvel Is Making History For Women In The Superhero Genre
CINEMA BLEND Following in Wonder Woman footsteps, Captain Marvel is taking another... 6 days
Tom Holland Teases Marvel Fans About Spider-Man's Fate
CINEMA BLEND Tom Holland teases fans about Spider-Man's fate in Avengers: Infinity War. 6 days
Avengers: Infinity War's Writers Have Some Advice For The DCEU
CINEMA BLEND Acclaimed Marvel writers Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely have some pointers to fix the DCEU's big... 1 week
New Photo Reveals Shark Riders And Sea Dragons From ‘Aquaman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM More images and news from James Wan‘s ‘Aquaman’ film continue to surface.  Yesterday, it was revealed... 1 week
Yes, The MCU's Captain Marvel Can Move Planets
CINEMA BLEND We knew Captain Marvel was strong, but this is next level. 1 week
The ‘Cloak And Dagger’ Stars Share Who They’d Like A Crossover With
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the ultimate in crossover films and while Netflix has done a similar outing with ‘The Defenders’, it hasn’t... 1 week
Seriously, Don't Expect James Gunn To Do A Fourth Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie
CINEMA BLEND James Gunn is breaking the hearts of Marvel... 1 week
Get Your First Glimpse Of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II As Black Manta In ‘Aquaman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As part of its in-depth look at this winter’s ‘Aquaman’... 1 week
How Much Ant-Man And The Wasp Could Make Opening Weekend
CINEMA BLEND It's the biggest Marvel movie of all time and has become one of the biggest movies... 1 week
Stan Lee Gets Restraining Order Against Business Manager; Court Appoints Legal Guardian
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Poor Stan Lee. The beloved Marvel icon without whom we would not have ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and so many... 1 week
‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is Reported To Be Adapting This Comic Book Storyline
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We know that Kristen Wiig is playing Diana’s enemy The Cheetah in Patty Jenkins‘ ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel which appears to officially be named ‘Wonder... 1 week
Watch: Amusing Animated Superhero Short 'Rebooted' About Owl Guy
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "All these camera moves are really scrambling my eggs!" Pow! Zam! Boom! In honor of the Annecy Film Festival for animation this week, I'm featuring a few animated short films... 1 week
Fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson Is Crafting A Multimedia Project ‘Dark One’ For TV, Books, Comics And More
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Best selling... 1 week
The Flash Solo Movie Will Reportedly Take A More Lighthearted Tone
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A new report has been released, providing fans with updates on the Flash solo... 1 week
Check Out Marvel’s 33 10th Anniversary Posters
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Next year’s ‘Avengers 4’ will be the culmination of ten years worth of cinematic storytelling that grew from just another group of... 1 week
Todd Phillips’ Joker Movie Has Been Given A Really Low Budget
CINEMA BLEND The Joker origin film looks to be keeping things much smaller than we've come... 1 week
The Stan Lee ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Cameo Won’t Be What You’re Expecting
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve seen Stan Lee take on a multitude of cameo parts in various Marvel Studios and Marvel TV projects but his inclusion in Freeform’s... 1 week
Paul Rudd Reveals How Scott Lang Has Changed In ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the cool things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe... 1 week
Marvel's Cloak And Dagger Already Broke A Freeform Ratings Record
CINEMA BLEND Cloak and Dagger got off to a very good start for Freeform. 1 week
Warner Brothers And Screenwriter Chris Terrio Did Not Care For Geoff Johns’ Rewrites Of ‘Justice League’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the news that... 1 week
James Gunn’s Dreams Could Come True As Lea Thompson Is Pitching A ‘Howard The Duck’ Reboot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM James Gunn‘s ‘Guardians of... 1 week
Once Again It Looks Like Ben Affleck Won’t Be In ‘The Batman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s time to go or get off the proverbial pot, Warner Brothers.  There have been so many rumors as to whether or not Ben... 1 week
Hayley Atwell Has No Plans To Return To The MCU
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Many fans were upset when ‘Agent Carter’ was canceled in May 2016, however, star Hayley Atwell... 1 week
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Many fans were upset when ‘Agent Carter’ was canceled in May 2016, however, star Hayley Atwell was okay with the decision. Atwell admits she was ready to say goodbye to Peggy Carter and Marvel Studios in... 1 week
DC Universe Streaming Service May Arrive Earlier Than Anticipated
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warner Bros is launching its new DC Universe streaming service this year.  DC Universe will offer a slew... 1 week
Why Marvel's Kevin Feige Isn't Bothered By The MCU's Lack Of Oscar Wins
CINEMA BLEND Marvel Studios has yet to win a single Oscar, but... 1 week
Marvel May Be Planning A Solo ‘Hawkeye’ Movie With A Different Lead
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Maybe it’s the fact that most of the Marvel movie stars’ contracts are finished and ‘Avengers 4’ will likely be the culmination of the... 1 week
New Comic Books This Week – June 13th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 6/6/2018. As always, check with your... 1 week
The Final ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix and Marvel TV just released the last trailer for the second season of ‘Luke Cage.’ The trailer... 1 week
Want To See More Women Behind The Camera At Marvel Studios? Kevin Feige Is Making That Happen!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We know... 1 week
Luke Cage Season 2 new trailer needs a queen
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Harlem needs a queen in this new trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 1 week
Lea Thompson Is Pitching A Howard The Duck Movie To Marvel
CINEMA BLEND While comic book movies are the biggest thing at the theater today, there was... 1 week
There Might Be A New Black Panther In A Future Movie Sequel
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even if Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa hadn’t met his fate as he did in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ there is a chance we could see another ‘Black... 1 week
Mark Hamill And Stan Lee Are Lending Their Voices To ‘Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Mark Hamill and Stan Lee will... 2 weeks
Gareth Evans May Be Too Busy To Direct ‘Deathstroke’ According To Joe Manganiello
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that Slade Wilson’s upcoming appearance in ‘Teen Titans... 2 weeks
Gareth Evans May Be To Busy Too Direct ‘Deathstroke’ According To Joe Manganiello
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that Slade Wilson’s upcoming appearance in ‘Teen Titans... 2 weeks
Gareth Evans May Be To Busy To Direct ‘Deathstroke’ According To Joe Manganiello
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that Slade Wilson’s upcoming appearance in ‘Teen Titans... 2 weeks
Geoff Johns Will Write And Produce The ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Now that Geoff Johns has stepped down as DC Comics president and chief creative... 2 weeks
Kevin Feige Says There Are Plans For Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan In The Movies After ‘Captain Marvel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Marvel movies tend... 2 weeks
Geoff Johns Steps Down As DC Entertainment President/ Comics CCO To Establish New Writing/Producing Labels
SCIENCEFICTION.COM DC Entertainment president and chief creative... 2 weeks
A Marvel And Incredibles Crossover? Brad Bird Explains His Feelings
CINEMA BLEND The Avengers and the Incredibles are all backed by one very powerful mouse, so they're bound... 2 weeks
Stan Lee Has Some Fighting Words For Thanos!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Warning! ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ spoilers ahead! But, seriously, just go see the movie already! * * * * * Stan... 2 weeks
DC’s Geoff Johns Is Stepping Down As Entertainment President
CINEMA BLEND Geoff Johns has been a major figure at DC Comics for over 20 years, but now he's stepping... 2 weeks
Jeph Loeb Hopes The ‘Inhumans’ Can Return On Another Marvel Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It came as no surprise that ABC cancelled ‘Inhumans’, its low-performing Marvel adaptation which... 2 weeks
Jeph Loeb Discusses How Thanos’ Finger Snap Will Impact The TV Universe, Iron Fist’s Costume And ‘New Warriors’
Get A Close Up Look Of Misty Knight’s New Arm For ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2
SCIENCEFICTION.COM This new look at Misty Knight... 2 weeks
Mike Mignola Shares More About The Upcoming ‘Hellboy’ Movie And Its Mythology
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With a new ‘Hellboy‘ on the horizon, series creator Mike Mignola has opened up a bit about what to expect on this new cinematic... 2 weeks
Heath Ledger Was Meant To Return As The Joker
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s been ten years since ‘The Dark Knight’ arrived in theaters, shattering box office records and redefining many... 2 weeks
Could Marvel's Agent Carter Still Get A Revival? Here's The Latest From Marvel
CINEMA BLEND Could Marvel bring back Agent Carter? Here's the latest. 2 weeks
Jeff Goldblum Reveals The Fate Of The Grandmaster
SCIENCEFICTION.COM “Did they survive when Thanos snapped his fingers?” That’s the question everyone’s been asking about their favorite Marvel characters, or... 2 weeks
How Marvel's TV Shows Are Working Around The End Of Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Head of Marvel television Jeph Loeb explained how the shows... 2 weeks
One Marvel Cosmic Character Who Probably Survived Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND The fates of many MCU characters were left up in the air after Avengers: Infinity War,... 2 weeks
Mike Mignola Shares More About The Upcoming ‘Hellboy’ Movie And It’s Mythology
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With a new ‘Hellboy‘ on the horizon, series creator Mike Mignola has opened up a bit about what to expect on this new cinematic... 2 weeks
Marvel’s Jeph Loeb Clarifies The Future Of ‘The Defenders’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When Marvel first announced their slate of Netflix shows – which at the time consisted of ‘Daredevil’, ‘Jessica... 2 weeks
Matthew Vaughn Reveals The Future Of ‘Kingsman’ And ‘Kick-Ass’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ arrived in theaters last year, we’ve been awaiting word on the future... 2 weeks
‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Comic Series Announced!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and the Dark Horse the crew are entering the realm of comic books! The hilarious franchise known for... 2 weeks
One Big Difference Between The Marvel And Fast And Furious Franchises
CINEMA BLEND Fast and the Furious franchise producer Neal Moritz explained a key difference between these... 2 weeks
Hayley Atwell Says It Would Be Much Harder To Go Back To The MCU Now
CINEMA BLEND Fans of Peggy Carter would love... 2 weeks
Luke Cage Season 2 new trailer needs a queen
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Unbreakable (2000)