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Marvel Won’t Rule Out A Horror Film In The Future
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios has developed a reputation for differentiating each of its films with different tones or... 4 hours
The Russo Brothers Want You To Stay The Heck Off Social Media Because Avengers: Infinity War Is Premiering
CINEMA BLEND ... 4 hours
Joe Russo Weighs In On ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’s “Incorrect” 8-Years Later
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continuity errors there aren’t many major ones outside of the... 6 hours
How Kevin Feige Feels About His Deadpool Easter Egg And The MCU References
CINEMA BLEND Made by 20th Century Fox as part of the X-Men... 8 hours
One Big Problem The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is About To Have
CINEMA BLEND The Marvel Cinematic Universe has built its success on taking a structure that has... 8 hours
Marvel’s Kevin Feige Has Revealed What One Of The MCU’s Next Cosmic Movies Might Be
CINEMA BLEND The MCU is expected to have... 9 hours
Watch Dr. Strange Ask Tony Stark For Help In New Avengers: Infinity War Footage
CINEMA BLEND We're so close to Avengers: Infinity War that... 12 hours
Kevin Feige Shares That A ‘Nova’ Movie Is Likely Happening!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since Marvel went cosmic, a very vocal amount of ‘Nova’ fans have been asking for... 13 hours
No Hall H Panel For Marvel Studios At SDCC This Year
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out the... 13 hours
How Kevin Feige Feels About James Cameron's Blunt Avengers Comment
CINEMA BLEND Recently, director James Cameron had some less than flattering things to say about superhero movies. Now,... 13 hours
Four New Castings Seem To Indicate That The Entire ‘Shazam!’ Family Will Be In The Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Traditionally in the comics,... 14 hours
Zachary Levi’s Newest Photo Proves He Doesn’t Need To Pad His ‘Shazam!’ Costume
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It seems naysayers have struck a nerve by questioning whether... 15 hours
Elizabeth Olsen Has An Awesome Idea For A Scarlet Witch Movie
CINEMA BLEND Thus far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built eight separate franchises around solo hero... 1 day
Amazon Has Started Only Letting Prime Members Order Marvel And Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND Bad news for people who aren't Amazon Prime members. The... 1 day
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Adds Infinity War DLC
CINEMA BLEND Keeping pace with the silver screen blockbusters, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is bringing all of the action... 2 days
One Hilarious Marvel Crossover Broken Lizard Wants For Super Troopers 3
CINEMA BLEND Crossovers are all the rage right now, and there's one Marvel crossover that Broken... 3 days
There’s A New Way Peggy Carter Could Eventually Come Back To The Marvel Movies
CINEMA BLEND Fans have wanted to see Hayley Atwell's adored... 3 days
Rob Liefeld Thinks ‘Deadpool 2’ And The ‘X-Force’ Can “Absolutely” Go Up Against ‘The Avengers’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While I’m going to be the... 3 days
How Much Avengers: Infinity War Reportedly Cost To Make
CINEMA BLEND Shot back-to-back with the still-untitled Avengers 4, the upcoming Marvel movie has been touted as the biggest most-complicated... 4 days
Why Ghost Is A Female Character In Ant-Man And The Wasp
CINEMA BLEND One of the villains facing Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne in the upcoming... 4 days
Deadpool 2 Has Already Broken A Ticket Sales Record
CINEMA BLEND Between the massive Marvel team-up and a new Star Wars Story, it feels like the Merc with a... 4 days
Syfy Wants You To Attend A ‘Deadly Class’ With The Russo Brothers
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Russo Brothers are still working on comic adaptations but their next outing won’t be from Marvel. Right now they are working with Syfy... 4 days
Taika Waititi’s Hilarious Response To Who Will Die In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Thor: Ragnarok's director has the perfect response when asked about Marvel deaths. 4 days
7 Comics to Read Before Seeing Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND We know you've got the hype, but are you prepared enough for Avengers: Infinity War? Here are some... 4 days
Why Marvel Fans Need To See The Marvel: Universe Of Superheroes Exhibit In Seattle
CINEMA BLEND It is an incredible time to be a... 4 days
7 Characters The MCU Needs To Kill Off For Good By Avengers 4
CINEMA BLEND We're heading towards the end of an era, and with... 4 days
Josh Brolin Confirms Future Movie Scene With Brie Larson
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Josh Brolin, who plays villain Thanos in the MCU, has confirmed that he will share at least one... 4 days
One Marvel Character The Russo Brothers Wish They Could Have Added In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Infinity War is full of characters,... 4 days
What’s Better Than A Chimichanga? A New Trailer For ‘Deadpool 2’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Deadpool is back and he’s not coming alone! Out of nowhere, the final trailer... 5 days
Threat Or Menace? Tom Holland Was Given A “Really Fake” ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Script
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We all know spiders spin webs, but did... 5 days
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Promises Deleted Scenes And Easter Eggs Aplenty
SCIENCEFICTION.COM There’s still more than a week to go before ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ arrives in theaters, but... 5 days
Watch Avengers: Infinity War's Vin Diesel Surprise A Marvel Fan As Groot
CINEMA BLEND Video of Vin Diesel surprising a Marvel fan ahead of the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War will absolutely warm your heart and brighten... 5 days
New Featurette Looks Back On A Decade Of Marvel Studios
SCIENCEFICTION.COM 2018 will see the release of the highly anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ and it’s also the... 5 days
That Time Benedict Cumberbatch Got Kicked Really Hard On The Set Of Doctor Strange
CINEMA BLEND He's one of many Marvel actors who have... 5 days
Exclusive Interview With Jack Campbell On ‘The Lost Fleet’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jack Campbell is the author of the “The Lost Fleet” series of space-based military science fiction and now... 5 days
Why Josh Brolin Prefers Playing Thanos Over Cable
CINEMA BLEND The actor is set for not one but two upcoming Marvel roles, playing Cable in Deadpool 2 and Thanos in... 6 days
7 Marvel Rumors We Think Will Happen In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND There's no shortage of rumors about Avengers: Infinity War and while most of them... 6 days
New Avengers: Infinity War Video Looks Back At The MCU’s 10-Year History
CINEMA BLEND It's been an amazing 10 years for Marvel Studios. As they get ready to debut the company's biggest movie to date, Marvel takes a... 6 days
Don’t Expect A New Iron Man When Robert Downey Jr. Leaves
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ premiering in just ten days, the Mighty Marvel Hype Machine... 6 days
New 10-Year Legacy Featurette Looks Back at Marvel Studios' History
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "It's a very interesting time now, and boy you don't know what's going to happen." Marvel Studios has released a very exciting, nostalgic look back at their 10-year... 6 days
Avengers: Infinity War new featurette looks at the legacy of Marvel
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The cast of Avengers: Infinity War talk about what Marvel means to them 6 days
Steven Spielberg Is Making A DC Comics Movie, And We're Not Joking
CINEMA BLEND This is not a joke, people. Steven Spielberg is attached to make a DC Comics movie. 6 days
Marvel's Cloak And Dagger Revealed More Comic Characters Coming To The TV Show
CINEMA BLEND More familiar characters have been added to the cast of... 6 days
How Long Marvel Fans Will Wait For Avengers 4's Title, According To The Russo Brothers
CINEMA BLEND The Russos recently addressed the mysterious... 6 days
‘Avengers: Infinity War:’ Are The Science Bros Over?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will forever remember this day as a sad one…The Science Bros are no more! At least... 6 days
New Comic Books This Week – April 18th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 4/18/2018. As always, check with your... 7 days
Russo Bros Say ‘Avengers 4’ Wraps A Story That Began With ‘The Winter Soldier
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Virtually everyone associated with ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘, from... 7 days
How Ant-Man And The Wasp Connects To Avengers: Infinity War, According To The Russos
CINEMA BLEND Marvel's smallest hero and its biggest film will... 1 week
DC’s ‘Titans’ Actress Responds To Backlash & Hate Speech
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Anna Diop has released a statement regarding leaked photos of her as DC Comics’ Starfire on the ‘Titans‘... 1 week
Meet The Cast And Characters Of ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Before The Series’ Premiere
SCIENCEFICTION.COM EW has released exclusive photos of the entire cast of... 1 week
Joe Russo Reveals Who’s Playing Proxima Midnight In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios hasn’t been too forthgoing with who would be playing all of Thanos‘... 1 week
Check Out The New Promo For Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With just two months to go until the debut of Marvel’s latest television series, ‘Cloak &... 1 week
Who Fargo's Carrie Coon Is Playing In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND With Fargo actress Carrie Coon heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Avengers: Infinity War, it... 1 week
A New Rumor Has An Upcoming Marvel Studios Film Featuring ‘The Eternals’?!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM A new rumor on the block has an upcoming Marvel Studios film reading into the cosmic and tackling the race known as ‘The Eternals’.... 1 week
‘Black Panther’ Fans In Chicago Rejoice For ‘WakandaCon’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While you would think that Wauconda, IL might be the perfect place by The Windy City to host the first... 1 week
Why Iron Man Won't Be Recast When Robert Downey Jr. Leaves, According To The Infinity War Directors
CINEMA BLEND We're less... 1 week
This Rotten Week: Predicting I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2 And Traffik Reviews
CINEMA BLEND While we wait for the next Marvel entry, we'll just... 1 week
How The Walking Dead's Finale Changed Maggie's Story From The Comics
CINEMA BLEND The Walking Dead's finale changed the game for Maggie, and we can't wait for... 1 week
Randall Park Is Diving From Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ To DC’s ‘Aquaman
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Randall Park is crossing the line.  The ‘Fresh Off The... 1 week
One Marvel Director Sebastian Stan Would Love To Work With
CINEMA BLEND Bucky is ready to work with one MCU director, and it's a great choice. 1 week
One Way Marvel Is Teasing Ant-Man In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND After keeping the character out of its marketing campaign, Avengers: Infinity War has finally begun to... 1 week
Is Thanos Stronger Than Hulk In Avengers: Infinity War? Here’s What The Russos Say
CINEMA BLEND The two have clashed in the comics, but... 1 week
‘Gotham’ Introduces Us To Its Joker, For Real This Time
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fox’s Batman origin show has been flirting with Joker’s presence for four seasons now. There was... 1 week
Benedict Cumberbatch Explains Doctor Strange’s Role In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the most exciting things for fans who have been following the various Marvel films... 1 week
Marvel’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 5 Finale Will Be Titled “The End”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel TV and ABC have just revealed a couple of new details on the Season 5 finale for ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..‘ First they shared... 1 week
How Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reacted To Seeing Paul Bettany’s Vision For The First Time
CINEMA BLEND Paul Bettany recalled how Marvel Studios president Kevin... 1 week
Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn Responds To Stan Lee Abuse Rumors
CINEMA BLEND Some serious allegations have been made around Stan Lee, and... 1 week
‘Gotham’ Introduces Us To It’s Joker, For Real This Time
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fox’s Batman origin show has been flirting with Joker’s presence for four seasons now. There was... 1 week
What To Expect From Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, According To Tyler Posey
CINEMA BLEND The Truth or Dare actor revealed what to expect from Marvel's upcoming digital short series. 2 weeks
Netflix Orders A Third Season Of ‘Jessica Jones’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix has renewed the Marvel Comics-based crime drama ‘Jessica Jones’ for a third season.  The series was created by Melissa... 2 weeks
POW! Entertainment Joins The Chorus Of Concern For Stan Lee
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’re like us, you’ve no doubt been following the events unfolding around comic book legend... 2 weeks
‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Debuts An International Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM There’s surprisingly little that we know for sure about ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ right now. But one thing we can say... 2 weeks
How Insomniac's Spider-Man Game Will Allow For Different Play Styles
CINEMA BLEND We're moving ever-so-slowly toward the release of Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has... 2 weeks
HeroBlend Podcast #1: 45 Marvel Characters Who Might Show Up In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Welcome to the inaugural edition of the HeroBlend... 2 weeks
Aquaman Has Added An Important DC Character During Reshoots
CINEMA BLEND Aquaman is in the middle of reshoots, and this extra filming period has led to a new character... 2 weeks
Don’t Expect The ‘Deadpool’ Comic To Start Looking Like Ryan Reynolds
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in the comics have morphed to be more... 2 weeks
New ‘Avengers’ Video Shows The Family Aspects of ‘Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Marvel Studios just released a new short ahead of the premiere of ‘Avengers: Infinity War!’ The... 2 weeks
Stan Lee Denies Elder Abuse And Threatens Lawsuits If Accusations Don’t Stop
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Stan Lee has been in the news a lot the last few days with sources claiming he is suffering from elder abuse. The Marvel... 2 weeks
Marvel's Stan Lee Denies Elder Abuse Allegations
CINEMA BLEND Stan Lee claims recent elder abuse allegations are absolute "slander." 2 weeks
Clark Gregg Shares A Captain Marvel Set Photo That Will Give Marvel Fans All The Feels
CINEMA BLEND Clark Gregg just shared... 2 weeks
Marvel Is Taking Some Big Steps To Keep ‘Infinity War’ Spoilers Under Wraps
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Many of us probably think we have a pretty good... 2 weeks
Get Your First Look At The Live Action ‘Titans’ In New Set Pics
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘Titans’ are together for the first time.  The first... 2 weeks
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Adds The Runaways Via DLC
CINEMA BLEND TT Games and Warner Bros. may have already teamed up with Pixar for the release of... 2 weeks
The Real Heroes: Stars Of The MCU Thank Fans For “10 Years of Fandom” In New Featurette
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Avengers:... 2 weeks
Friends Of Stan Lee Claim Elder Abuse And Worry Over The Aging Marvel Legend
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a sad story recently, The Hollywood Reporter... 2 weeks
Official Avengers: Infinity War Making-Of Video Overloads Marvel Fans With Incredible New Shots
CINEMA BLEND We made it this far, and we have likely avoided... 2 weeks
Avengers: Infinity War Is Setting A Number Of Mind-Blowing Ticket Records At Fandango
CINEMA BLEND With the release of Avengers: Infinity War now looming, it... 2 weeks
The Russo Brother Reveal Why Josh Brolin Was Cast As Thanos
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Thanos has always occupied an unusual position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was... 2 weeks
Mark Millar Opens Up The Curtain On ‘The Magic Order’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve been wondering where Mark Millar was going to take his first major Netflix comic... 2 weeks
What’s Motivating Thanos To Collect The Infinity Stones In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Thanos' reason for collecting the Infinity Stones isn't quite the same as it is in the comics. 2 weeks
Marvel Studios 10 Years of Fandom featurette is so sweet
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Marvel's greatest heroes thank the fans in this sweet new Infinity War featurette 2 weeks
Zoe Saldana Speaks Out Against Hollywood “Elitists” For Calling Marvel Actors “Sell Outs”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Zoe Saldana is calling out Hollywood peers for looking down... 2 weeks
Check Out The Flash's Most Ridiculous DC Comics Reference Yet
CINEMA BLEND The Flash just made what may be its best DC Comics reference yet. 2 weeks
One Marvel Storyline The Russos Are Interested In Adapting After Avengers 4
CINEMA BLEND If the Russos decided to stick with Marvel after Avengers 4, they've already expressed interest in adapting a particular storyline. 2 weeks
Hayley Atwell Speaks About The Possibility Of Peggy Carter Returning To The MCU
CINEMA BLEND Could Peggy Carter return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here's... 2 weeks
Robert Downey Jr. And More Marvel Actors Thank Fans In 10-Year Tribute Video
CINEMA BLEND It's been one hell of a ride for the Marvel... 2 weeks
The Russo Brothers Are Having Fun With The Idea Of Captain America Becoming Nomad
CINEMA BLEND At the end of Captain America: Civil War... 2 weeks
New Comic Books This Week – April 11th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 4/11/2018. As always, check with your... 2 weeks
Nicolas Cage Feels He Would Be Even “More Off The Rails” If He Got To Play The Joker!
Avengers: Infinity War new featurette looks at the legacy of Marvel
New 10-Year Legacy Featurette Looks Back at Marvel Studios' History
Marvel Studios 10 Years of Fandom featurette is so sweet
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