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Scientists detect radio echoes of a black hole feeding on a star
MIT Signals suggest black hole emits a jet of energy proportional to the stellar material it gobbles up. 30 minutes
NASA Investigation Linked 2015 Falcon 9 Failure to Design Error
SPACE.COM A NASA investigation into a 2015 SpaceX launch failure concluded a design flaw, rather than a manufacturing defect, likely initiated the chain of events that destroyed the vehicle. 16 hours
Jupiter Storm Blooms in Rosy Photo by NASA Probe
SPACE.COM A new photo shows a swirling maelstrom on Jupiter through rose-colored glasses. 17 hours
Will Smith narrates ‘One Strange Rock,’ but astronauts are the real stars
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Hosted by Will Smith, ‘One Strange Rock’ embraces Earth’s weirdness and explores the planet’s natural history. 18 hours
china launches its latest land surveying satellite into space China Launches Its Latest Land Surveying Satellite into Space
ASTRO WATCH A Long March 2D rocket took to the skies on Saturday, March 17, sending China’s Land Surveying Satellite-4... 1 day
space radiation more hazardous than we thought Space Radiation: More Hazardous Than We Thought
ASTRO WATCH It might sound like something from a science fiction plot — astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays —... 1 day
gunpowder moon is a chillingly realistic book about the fight to control the solar system Gunpowder Moon is a chillingly realistic book about the fight to control the Solar System
THE VERGE On September 12th, 1962, President John... 2 days
'Virtual Particles' Could Create Dark, Echoing Dead Stars
LIVE SCIENCE There might be a massive, dead star out there that bends the stuff of raw vacuum and prevents itself from collapsing into a black hole. 2 days
On This Day In Space! March 17, 1958: U.S. Launches Vanguard 1, 1st Solar-Powered Satellite
SPACE.COM On St. Patrick's Day in 1958, the U.S. Navy launched Vanguard 1, the first solar-powered satellite and the... 2 days
China's Tiangong-1 Space Lab Expected to Fall to Earth in 2 to 3 Weeks
SPACE.COM A new forecast by the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office predicts that the 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 spacecraft will fall back... 2 days
Books and Black Holes: Stephen Hawking's Language Helps Us Grasp the Cosmos
SPACE.COM Those inspired by Stephen Hawking's classic book "A Brief History of Time" and by his legacy in cosmology are now picking up where Hawking's... 2 days
Stephen Hawking: Martin Rees Looks Back on Colleague's Spectacular Success Against All Odds
SPACE.COM UK's Astronomer Royal Martin Rees shares his memories of the late star physicist Stephen Hawking. 2 days
World water problems on tap at Brazil conference
PHYS.ORG Brazil—the country with the world's greatest fresh water reserves—hosts an international conference next week on growing fears over the fragility of drinking water supplies in a heating planet. 2 days
Gifted Colombia kids pay tribute to hero Hawking
PHYS.ORG Gifted children at the Stephen Hawking school in Colombia's capital Bogota have been paying a special tribute to the astrophysicist whose life inspired them to study science. 2 days
Astroneer's latest update overhauls vehicles on Xbox One and PC
Windows Central Astroneer is an exploration-based game where you gather resources and explore the wonders many planets hold. Astroneer launched in Xbox Game Preview many months ago and has since... 2 days
NASA satellite finds Tropical Cyclone Marcus near Australia's Cobourg Peninsula Coast
PHYS.ORG Tropical Cyclone Marcus has developed off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory along the Cobourg Peninsula coast. NASA's Aqua satellite provided a view of the new... 2 days
'Star Wars' Droids Point the Way to NASA Repair Robots
SPACE.COM R2-D2 and BB-8 are the droids that NASA is looking for — "astromechs" that can help repair spaceships on the fly, a NASA robotics engineer says. 2 days
nasa wants your help checking its satellites so send in your cloud pics NASA wants your help checking its satellites — so send in your cloud pics
THE VERGE NASA is asking all cloud gazers to snap... 2 days
university of houston scientists investigating mysterious dark matter University of Houston Scientists Investigating Mysterious Dark Matter
ASTRO WATCH University of Houston scientists are helping to develop a technology that could hold the key to unraveling one of the... 2 days
How royal jelly helps honeybee larvae defy gravity and become queens
SCIENCE DAILY Honeybee larvae develop into queen bees if they are fed large quantities of a food called royal jelly. But royal jelly does more than determine whether... 2 days
infinity war s thanos proves cgi supervillains are a terrible idea Infinity War’s Thanos proves CGI supervillains are a terrible idea
THE VERGE The final Infinity War trailer presents a terrifying, monumental threat to earth. Armies clash. Dead bodies... 2 days
this year s sxsw was all about blockchain dreamers cryptocurrency scammers and everything in between This year’s SXSW was all about blockchain dreamers, cryptocurrency scammers, and everything in between
THE VERGE Arriving roughly one hour into a full-day blockchain-themed... 2 days
NASA's Prolific Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Is Running Out of Fuel
SPACE.COM The Kepler space telescope's prolific planet-hunting days will end soon. 2 days
Astronaut Scott Kelly and His Twin Brother Are Still Identical, NASA Says
SPACE.COM After a stream of erroneous media coverage about how spaceflight affects your genes, NASA issued a rare updated statement yesterday (March 15) about its... 2 days
Determination of layer-dependent exciton binding energies in few-layer black phosphorus
Science Magazine The attraction between electrons and holes in semiconductors forms excitons, which largely determine the optical properties of the hosting material, and hence the device performance, especially for low-dimensional... 2 days
Galaxy S9 deals: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint's offers - CNET
CNET One carrier is letting you name an actual star. 2 days
NASA could divert killer asteroids with nudge-or-nuke 'Hammer' - CNET
CNET NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory investigate a spacecraft concept that could ram or nuke massive asteroid Bennu off an Earth-impacting path. 2 days
SpaceX is making big money moves
TechCrunch Planning a mars mission, a global telecommunications network for inexpensive internet service, and creating an interplanetary hedge against world war three isn’t cheap, so it’s no wonder that SpaceX is closing on $500 million in new cash... 2 days
This Tiny Private CubeRover Could Reach the Moon by 2020
SPACE.COM The Pittsburgh-based company Astrobotic, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, has won a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Award to develop a "CubeRover" for moon missions. 2 days
Galaxy S9: Every tip and trick you need to know - CNET
CNET Ready to dig into your shiny Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus? Start here. 2 days
Anker’s Nebula Capsule portable projector is a pocket powerhouse
TechCrunch Anker is a device maker that’s rapidly become a go-to brand for affordable, quality accessories include cables, chargers and backup batteries. More recently, it’s started to branch out into additional... 2 days
Ousted from ESO, Brazilian astronomy will be ‘strangled,’ says president of the Brazilian Astronomical Society
Science Magazine Nation had pledged €350 million to the European Southern Observatory, but never made payments 2 days
space situational awareness experts urge russia to join orbital neighborhood watch Space situational awareness experts urge Russia to join orbital neighborhood watch
SPACE NEWS To prevent collisions in space, nations with advanced orbital monitoring abilities need to share... 3 days
Dwarf Planet Ceres Continues to Evolve and Change
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has detected recent changes in Ceres’ surface, revealing that the dwarf planet is a dynamic planetary body... 3 days
Go deep in space with the Microsoft 'Nebulas in 4K' wallpaper theme
Windows Central The new MateBook X Pro looks great with this theme pack. Microsoft's first paid theme is now in the Store. Is Nebulas in 4K... 3 days
Menomous Solenodon, last survivor of a branch of mammals that appeared at the time of the dinosaurs, sequenced
SCIENCE DAILY An article presents a draft genome of a small shrew-like animal, the... 3 days
nasa investigation linked 2015 falcon 9 failure to design error NASA investigation linked 2015 Falcon 9 failure to design error
SPACE NEWS A NASA investigation into a 2015 SpaceX launch failure concluded a design flaw, rather than a... 3 days
Black holes aren't totally black, and other insights from Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking work
PHYS.ORG Mathematical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was best known for his work exploring the relationship between black holes and quantum physics. A... 3 days
I Went to Space and Floated Above Earth Thanks to This Immersive Helmet
LIVE SCIENCE A space helmet "theater" showed me an astronaut's view of Earth. 3 days
Image: Tokyo from orbit
PHYS.ORG The Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over the Japanese capital of Tokyo. 3 days
These are the places that (most likely) host alien life
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Not too cold, not too hot—the conditions for life are found not just on Earth, but on a handful of other places out in the universe. 3 days
Rare metals on Mars and Earth implicate colossal impacts
PHYS.ORG New research has revealed that a giant impact on Mars more than four billion years ago would explain the unusual amount of "iron loving" elements in the Red Planet. 3 days
Stephen Hawking had pinned his hopes on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe—here's what it is
PHYS.ORG Rumour has it that Albert Einstein spent his last few hours on Earth scribbling something on... 3 days
NASA powers on new instrument staring at the Sun
PHYS.ORG NASA has powered on its latest space payload to continue long-term measurements of the Sun's incoming energy. Total and Spectral solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS-1), installed on the International Space Station, became... 3 days
A massive telescope for seeing the invisible
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Some of the universe's greatest mysteries could soon be resolved thanks to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a huge radio telescope that will be built in South Africa and Australia. Several EPFL labs are... 3 days
Send your name to the sun aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe
PHYS.ORG VIDEO NASA's Parker Solar Probe—designed, built and managed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory—will launch in summer 2018 on a historic mission to the sun. 3 days
'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer arrives, tickets go on sale - CNET
CNET New trailer. Online ticket sales. 'Nuff said? Cap, Black Panther, and the Guardians of the Galaxy return in new preview. 3 days
Gemini 8: NASA's First Space Docking in Pictures
SPACE.COM On March 16, 1966, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott performed the first space docking on the Gemini 8 mission. See photos from that historic spaceflight here. 3 days
Air Force Awards Big Launch Contracts to SpaceX and ULA
SPACE.COM This is the fourth competition under the current Phase 1A EELV procurement where there has been more than one competitor for national security space missions. 3 days
Astronomers can’t figure out why some black holes got so big so fast
SCIENCE-NEWS Early supermassive black holes are challenging astronomers’ ideas about how the behemoths grew so quickly. 3 days
ava duvernay will direct dc s film adaptation of new gods Ava DuVernay will direct DC’s film adaptation of ‘New Gods’
THE VERGE Ava DuVernay, known for her movies Selma and A Wrinkle In Time, will direct the upcoming... 3 days
NASA's Acting Chief Expects Few Agency Changes Despite Leadership Uncertainty
SPACE.COM Despite uncertainty about who will lead the agency after the end of April, NASA's current acting administrator says he expects little change in the agency's activities in the... 3 days
Nature's Lens: How Gravity Can Bend Light Like a Telescope
SPACE.COM Albert Einstein's vision for how gravity works was, to say the least, a radical departure from the older, Newtonian perspective. 3 days
Four Cubesats Snuck into Orbit Without Regulatory Approval, FCC Says
SPACE.COM Concerns about space junk and satellite-launch regulations are swirling after the Federal Communications Commission alleged that a U.S. company launched four tiny satellites without permission. 3 days
stephen hawking 1942 2018 Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)
ESA ESA is saddened by the news of the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking, FRS, cosmologist and one of the pioneers of theoretical studies of black holes, on 14 March at... 3 days
Climate sensitivity—reducing the uncertainty of uncertainty
PHYS.ORG Global warming is a reality – but just how bad will it be? A study published in January 2018 claims to halve the uncertainty around how much our planet's temperature will change in response to rising... 3 days
asteroid discovered few days ago to whiz by earth on friday Asteroid Discovered Few Days Ago to Whiz by Earth on Friday
ASTRO WATCH A newly detected asteroid, designated 2018 EB4, is expected to pass by Earth on... 3 days
Buy a Galaxy S9 March 16, get one for free from Verizon - CNET
CNET Plus, Verizon is offering half off the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with trade in. 3 days
The Onion mocks Elon Musk's hiring of ex-Onion writers - CNET
CNET Commentary: After the Tesla and SpaceX CEO announces a new comedy project with its former staffers, The Onion peels back its feelings. 3 days
new horizons chooses nickname for ultimate flyby target New Horizons Chooses Nickname for 'Ultimate' Flyby Target
ASTRO WATCH As NASA's New Horizons mission continues exploring the unknown, the mission team has selected a highly appropriate nickname for its... 3 days
dawn spacecraft reveals recent changes in ceres surface Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Recent Changes in Ceres' Surface
ASTRO WATCH Observations of Ceres have detected recent variations in its surface, revealing that the only dwarf planet in the inner solar... 3 days
'Space harpoon' could be answer to orbital junk
Sky News A "space harpoon" designed to catch a defunct satellite the size of a double-decker bus has passed a crucial earthbound test. 3 days
Help NASA Study 'Steve,' a Newfound Aurora Type
SPACE.COM A group of citizen scientists helped to discover a new type of aurora named "Steve," and now NASA wants your help photographing the unusual phenomenon. 3 days
Water on Dwarf Planet Ceres Is Driving an Active Surface
SPACE.COM Water may continue to play a vital role on the dwarf planet Ceres. 3 days
next nasa mars rover reaches key manufacturing milestone Next NASA Mars Rover Reaches Key Manufacturing Milestone
ASTRO WATCH NASA's Mars 2020 mission has begun the assembly, test and launch operations (ATLO) phase of its development, on track for... 3 days
astronomers discover galaxies spin like clockwork Astronomers Discover Galaxies Spin Like Clockwork
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers have discovered that all galaxies rotate once every billion years, no matter how big they are. The Earth spinning around on its axis... 3 days
Earth Stars in Nat Geo Channel's 'One Strange Rock' Premiere (Astronauts, Too!)
SPACE.COM A group of all-star astronauts brought some space to New York City Wednesday (March 14) for the world premiere of "One Strange Rock," a... 3 days
Spot a 'Cosmic Disco Ball' in the Predawn Sky This Week
SPACE.COM If you rise before sunrise this week in North America, you may get a glimpse of what some have come to call the "cosmic disco ball"... 3 days
Galaxy S9: 10 settings to change right away - CNET
CNET Want to get the most out of your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus? Here's how. 3 days
how to compose 2 1 video in final cut pro x that s better formatted for today s smartphones video How to compose 2:1 video in Final Cut Pro X that’s better formatted for today’s smartphones [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO Recent smartphones... 3 days
no space did not permanently alter 7 percent of scott kelly s dna No, space did not permanently alter 7 percent of Scott Kelly’s DNA
THE VERGE Several stories this week have proclaimed that the DNA of former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly changed during his year living on the International Space... 3 days
Roguelike shooter 'Genesis: Alpha One' lets players explore the galaxy
Windows Central Genesis: Alpha One looks like a rare combination of shooting and base-building. Today, publisher Team17 and developer Radiation Blue released a new trailer for Genesis: Alpha One. Genesis:... 3 days
Physicists Solve Mystery of Why Comets Emit X-Rays
SCI-NEWS.COM The long-standing mystery of why comets give off X-ray emission has been solved by a group of experimental physicists led... 3 days
GPM observes Tropical Cyclone Eliakim forming near Madagascar
PHYS.ORG VIDEO NASA got an inside look at the heavy rainfall within developing Tropical cyclone Eliakim. 3 days
Scientists investigating mysterious dark matter
PHYS.ORG University of Houston scientists are helping to develop a technology that could hold the key to unraveling one of the great mysteries of science: what constitutes dark matter? Scientists believe dark matter makes up 85 percent of the... 3 days
Powerful new device for studying puzzling process
PHYS.ORG A millisecond burst of light on a computer monitor signaled production of the first plasma in a powerful new device for advancing research into magnetic reconnection—a critical but little understood process that occurs throughout... 3 days
How royal jelly helps honeybee larvae defy gravity and become queens
PHYS.ORG Honeybee larvae develop into queen bees only when they are fed large quantities of a food known as royal jelly. But royal jelly does more than... 3 days
negotiations continue on final 2018 omnibus spending bill Negotiations continue on final 2018 omnibus spending bill
SPACE NEWS With a stopgap spending bill set to expire in just over a week, House and Senate appropriators are continuing to... 3 days
How Stephen Hawking Transformed Our Understanding of Black Holes
SPACE.COM There's a lot we still don't know about black holes, but these light-gobbling behemoths would be even more mysterious if Stephen Hawking hadn't plumbed their inky depths. 3 days
Stephen Hawking's Best Books: Black Holes, Multiverses and Singularities
SPACE.COM Physicist Stephen Hawking, whose death was announced March 14, wrote prodigiously for both a popular audience and the scientific community over the course of his career. Here are the highlights. 4 days
Jupiter's atmospheric beauty is more than skin deep
SCIENCE DAILY In the year and a half NASA's Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter, the scientists have discovered that the orange and white bands that characterize Jupiter's outer atmosphere extend thousands of miles... 4 days
Space radiation more hazardous: Implication sfor astronauts and satellites
SCIENCE DAILY It might sound like something from a science fiction plot - astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays - but radiation exposure is science fact. As future... 4 days
what would it take for softbank to invest in spacex What would it take for SoftBank to invest in SpaceX?
SPACE NEWS Broadband megaconstellations are expensive propositions, with SpaceX’s Starlink constellation expected to cost $10 billion or more,... 4 days
Humans could live in volcanic tunnels on the moon
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The SETI Institute has analysed images of our moon and pinpointed a possible home away from Earth. 4 days
Great Red Spot Getting Taller as it Shrinks, Planetary Scientists Say
SCI-NEWS.COM Planetary scientists have noticed that Jupiter’s most distinctive feature — the Great Red Spot... 4 days
Researchers find space radiation is increasingly more hazardous
PHYS.ORG It might sound like something from a science fiction plot – astronauts traveling into deep space being bombarded by cosmic rays – but radiation exposure is science fact. As future missions look... 4 days
how stephen hawking s biggest achievement linked opposing worlds of physics How Stephen Hawking’s biggest achievement linked opposing worlds of physics
THE VERGE Stephen Hawking’s biggest accomplishment shone through both his physics work and his outreach to the public,... 4 days
Predicting a new phase of superionic ice
PHYS.ORG Scientists predicted a new phase of superionic ice, a special form of ice that could exist on Uranus, Neptune, and exoplanets. This new type of ice, called P21/c-SI phase, occurs at pressures greater than... 4 days
Hawking tackled the biggest question of all—how did the universe begin?
PHYS.ORG With the death of Stephen Hawking, the world has lost an adventurer. 4 days
NASA, ATLAS to mature portable space communications technology
PHYS.ORG Portable ground antenna stations could transform NASA's space communications capabilities. With access to undeveloped regions, the mobile systems could bolster the return of spacecraft science, instrument health and other data to Earth. 4 days
Stephen Hawking Never Reached Space, But He Sought to Lift All of Humanity
LIVE SCIENCE Stephen Hawking was most famous for melding general relativity with quantum mechanics and bringing big-picture cosmology to the masses in a series... 4 days
NASA Shapes Science Plan for Deep-Space Outpost Near the Moon
SPACE.COM NASA is pressing forward on plans to build a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, an outpost for astronauts positioned in the space near Earth's moon. 4 days
Shoebox-sized cube satellite to study Earth's inner radiation belt
PHYS.ORG A NASA-funded cube satellite built and operated by CU Boulder researchers will study the inner radiation belt of Earth's magnetosphere, providing new insight into the energetic particles that can disrupt... 4 days
SpaceX and United Launch Alliance land $640 million in Air Force launches
TechCrunch The U.S. Air Force wants to maintain its options: It awarded a total of $640 million in satellite launch contracts to both SpaceX and... 4 days
Stephen Hawking Will Explore Humanity's Future in One of His Last Film Appearances
SPACE.COM The Smithsonian Channel will air one of Hawking's last documentary appearances in its special "Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet." 4 days
Cosmic Clocks: Galaxies Behave Like Clocks, Rotating Once Every Billion Years
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of astronomers from Australia, China and the United States has discovered... 4 days
senate confirms dewit as nasa cfo Senate confirms DeWit as NASA CFO
SPACE NEWS The U.S. Senate confirmed Jeffrey DeWit as NASA's new chief financial officer March 14, completing an expedited process starkly different than the one for... 4 days
Gravity Assist Podcast: Pluto, with Alan Stern
SPACE.COM NASA's Planetary Science Division Director, Jim Green, talks to Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute, who is the Principal Investigator on NASA's New Horizons mission, which flew past Pluto in July 2015 for... 4 days
On This Day In Space! March 15, 1806: Alais Meteorite Brings Organic Chemicals from Space
SPACE.COM On March 15, 1806, a meteorite fell from the sky near the town of Alais, France. See how... 4 days
Will Smith narrates ‘One Strange Rock,’ but astronauts are the real stars
A massive telescope for seeing the invisible
Send your name to the sun aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe
These are the places that (most likely) host alien life
How to compose 2:1 video in Final Cut Pro X that’s better formatted for today’s smartphones [Video]
Humans could live in volcanic tunnels on the moon
GPM observes Tropical Cyclone Eliakim forming near Madagascar
Crab Nebula: A crab walks through time
Live High Definition Video From Mars? NASA Is Getting Ready
NASA finds towering storms in Tropical Cyclone Linda
Stephen Hawking was a brilliant physicist and a pop culture icon
This quadruped robot doesn’t dance any worse than your dad
Watch the formation of the universe and Earth in this cool time-lapse video
Headless robots overrun world in creepy 'Planet Earth' parody - CNET
Three NASA satellites recreate solar eruption in 3-D
Video: Tour a Mars robot test lab
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Hola drenching Vanuatu, New Caledonia
Chaval’s Supernova gloves are the superheated stars of winter sport
A peculiar galactic clash
Asteroid the size of a skyscraper seen zipping by Earth - CNET